• Absolutely yes... but I always try to remember that there was a time when I too was screaming in the middle of a store and irritating other people... So I don't let it bother me more than it has to.
  • Yes. Parents should attempt to teach the child that screaming in public is wrong.
  • no. the parents do.
  • You have no idea how much!! And I feel I can say this because I am a parent of 3 kids who are 4 and older. My kids know long before they are 4 that there will be NO temper tantrums allowed and if for some reason they feel the need to bring one on there will be consequences. Even when my children were under 2, if for some reason they started making a fuss, I would take them out of the store or restaurant, just for the sake of the other people. Parents need to be Parents!!
  • Screaming children younger than 4 get on my nerves too when their parents are ignoring it. My daughter learned long before age 4 not to scream like that. She does still sometimes try to negotiate for things she wants... with some success, depending on her skill and my mood. I sometimes tell her she can pick one (mommy-approved) treat before we go in... and she spends the whole trip trying to weigh which treat she sees would be best. Last time she ended up with a Spiderman bowl she chose over the entire candy aisle. Which I approved of, since I need more kid-sized plastic bowls anyway... and she's used repeatedly ever since, enjoying her choice, instead of just steaming through some small candy treat. Hopefully it helps her learn to choose long-term gratification as well as good behavior in public.
  • Oh yes they do. Not saying that I was an angel when I was that age but I knew the consequences. So everytime I started to bug out my mom would just have to give me "the evil eye" for 2 seconds and I knew what time it was. I think the parents need to take responsability and be a person with authority not a "friend" who lets their kids temper get outta control.
  • Not only the kids who scream at ANY age and the parents that allow it, but also kids that feel they have to put on a floor show when they get in public. If I'm eating a quiet meal in a restaurant, I'd don't want to be bothered by some butterscotch-nosed brat trying to entertain me by singing and dancing right beside my table. Another thing that get me about crying kids is that the parents start slapping them around like that would make them stop screaming. I don't know what reasoning is going on only makes them scream louder.
  • Yes that's why sometimes its best to leave the children at home with a adult so you can shop in peace, because kids want every thing in the store.
  • The children dont bother me, I just laugh at them, that usually stops them,, the parents on the other hand, do bother me, they could take the child to the bathroom, and handle the situation.
  • Oh yes in a big way, but even a little young that 4 there is no excuse either. Mine knew better than to pull that kind of behavior. My hubby keeps saying there should be restaurants for adults only any more just because the way parents let the kids act in todays world. Nothings worse than trying to sit down to a nice meal than to have kids jumping up & down, yelling and running up and down the isle's. So many time you go into a store and your at the check out counter and here stands the parent and the kid is screaming at the top of the lungs, throwing themselves on the floor and Mom just looks at them as if what is she suppose to do about it or isn't that cute,or some just walk away. Then there's the parent with the kid in the basket and its screaming like someone is killing them, Mom just looks at them and goes on talking to the person there with like nothing is happening. I personally live the store as soon as possible, just can't stand the noise level and more.
  • I see no reason for children of any age to be screaming in public.

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