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  • Um... well, yes. Hehe. I can't say that I'm proud of it, but I can't say I'm not proud of it, either.
  • I was in college and took a Chemisry class and asked some racy questions when the class was just letting out. The teacher put a note on a paper I had written when she returned it to me that she wanted to discuss the test answers so I met her later that day, it was warm and she was cleaning the room and had tied her shirt up midriff style and I thought she was one of my girlfriends and grabbed her waist and kssed her by her ear. She made a noise and tured to me and I realised it was Catherine and she said "I hope you'r not going to begin something and not finish!". So I kissed her deeply and banged her on her desk at the front of the room. Still friends today!
  • nearly!!!! oh so close!!! we saw each other in a club and we were both drunk, he started to kiss my neck after i declared my undying love for him!! haha but we quickly sobered up once his hand went p my skirt and we realised how wrong it actually was!! Didnt look at each other the same again!! we still get on tho!! see him out sometimes, ive got a boyfriend now though!!
  • Yes I have, we both enjoyed it. :)
  • In my senior year, I would have done it with the boys wrestling coach but we never had the opportunity. He was actually still a college student and working at the school on internship as a Phys Ed major. He was hot and built like an olympic gymnast and had this thing about picking me up when nobody was watching.... WoW!! I had already put it in my diary that I would if he made the move.
  • No, but my high school math teacher, Mrs Deamer, had a terrific butt. I was in total lust watching her write on the blackboard.
  • Well if this count, I have masturbated with a teacher assistant back in High School. I went to this empty classroom to masturbate.I was masturbating so good that I took off all my clothes. When I was cumming she walk in on me and I could not stop. She look at me while I calm down. To my surprise she took her clothes and join me and watching her made me want to do it all over again. We both cum together. Afterwards she said if I didnt say anything niether would she. Well I never did and I never got in any trouble.
  • Yes, I was in the eighth grade and had to stay after school for detention. My teacher had blonde hair and big breats, her name was kirsty M, she's now married so its Kirsty H. She started asking me questions about my penis, and she noticed I had an erection. She asked me to stand up, I became very embarresed and she said it was fine. She then asked me if it would be all right for her to take her shirt off, so she unbuttoned her shirt and exsposed her black bra. She asked me to touch her breasts and I did. She took her bra off and sat on the counter, she unbuttoned my pants and fondled my penis and black pubic hair, I played with her enlarged erect nipples. She then opened her muscular legs and spread her skirt, she reached under and pulled off her pink wet panties. She pulled back her skirt and showed me her vagina, this was the first vagina I ever saw. It was covered in light brown pubic hair and very wet. She then placed her hands on my butt and pulled my erect penis into her wide vagina, I moved in and out as I eventually contracted and sprayed semen all over her mound of curly hair, she let out a moan and her vagina contracted. She pulled up her wet panties and embraced me. She wispered in my ear not to tell any one, we then kissed and were done.
  • Yeah. I did my math teacher. She always dressed like a slut. I still remember how I thought I was in trouble and she just took off her top and asked me "Is it wrong if I want you to do me?" I still don't know whether I was terrified, excited, or shocked...or all three. After that, I went down on her before we decided it was too risky to continue doing it.
  • Yes and no. I had a sexual relationship with a 25 year old woman when I was 14 that lasted all summer. To my, and her great surprise, when I went back to school she turned out to be my English teacher for that year. The relationship was only during the summer, and did not continue in school.
  • yes I was in Jr.High School in Cleveland,Ohio and she was a long term subsitute I still remember her name today over 30 years ago
  • Hm...i wish i could but she doesn't teach me now....and not so much 'sex' as just kiss her.
  • No but I did live for a year with a man who had been my teacher a couple of years earlier.

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