• Its kind of like the hand book you would get when you have a child. The pages are all empty, and you fill them in as you go, because no two are alike.
  • I have seen it... It is in one 2 page book... But you should see the number of volumes in the encylopedia that explains women... it is an entire section of the library. WOW!
  • Yes, I believe his name is Mars.
  • I read an interesting book called "He's just not that into you" and after discussing with my other half he totally agrees to what the book says... men really aren't that complex, but us woman and our annalysing make men seem much more difficult to understand they they really are... now of course every man is dfferent and it doesn't work in every case but it's definitely worth a read!
  • Every guy is different and their manuals would change accordingly, but no such thing exists and if it did, everyone's handbook would be different.
  • I have a complete compendium of owner's manuals describing the variations in over 500 models. However, Man Law chapter 105, paragraph B sub clause 122a prohibits me from sharing that with a women. The penalties of such treason may include: caning, hobbling, emasculating, gagging and drowning in a burlap sack full of rocks with the kittens the cruel neighbor doesn't want. It would be ugly. What's it worth?
  • Awww C'mon too easy. all you have to do is show up with beer and a good sandwich.
  • Only if you give up the book that explains women. The men's book is very short only a few pages. I will bet the womens book is longer than any other! :)
  • They're ok, but they'll never beat the sox! Any good tips on the market lately?
  • Yes, it's being kept by the librarian of the School of Hard Knocks
  • Well I'm the let me see if I have a signed copy lying around for you.
  • I've misplaced my copy, but here's a summary: 1) men like sex 2) men like food 3) men like competition All the rest was just detail anyway.
  • The book exists, but the matter is too complex for women to understand so it was never published O:) ~prepares for the lynch mob to arrive~
  • Yes, it's a magazine called "Maxim."

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