• Hell no
  • Oo! Me! MEEE!! :) I actually DO enjoy it. I've been fortunate to be blessed with virtually problem free teeth.
  • My nephew who is a dentist, he makes lots of money there!
  • I like going for the cleanings. My technician is very gentle, and she uses a sonic cleaning machine that puts me to sleep. It just goes buzzz, buzzz while I doze off. Then I wake up for the scraping part, but she is very gentle and doesn't hurt at all, a quick polish, and off I go. I had to tease the dentist last month. He put in a crown, and it didn't hurt at all. In fact, when he called later to make sure I was OK I asked him if he put some happy juice in the shot he gave me.
  • My wife does for some strange reason.
  • YES!! i love going to the dentist and getting my teeth all polished and cleaned. I enjoy the process not sure why but it is relaxing and seems theraputic.. haha i know i sound weird but i do LOVE going to the dentist. all you need is a good one that is gentle and you are set. If you have to get a filling that is a whole different story. i dont like getting needles and freezing in my mouth. But getting teeth cleaned i absolutly love it! :)
  • Charges too much, but i like his high tech toys !
  • Cleaning every 6 months
  • I have two go in 2 weeks time and I'm already having nightmares! Somehow they always manage to hurt me :((
  • I don't enjoy the actual experience per se, but I feel proactive when I do go! It's about the most mature thing I do. And that's a positive feeling when you struggle with matters of self-discipline and procrastination!
  • I really don't mind it.
  • No, It costs 2 much.
  • The child somewhere in me still detests it.
  • Yes... when the kids have been giving me trouble that day I enjoy the drive... Not really, now they use lasers instead of drills, The kids have no idea what we went threw. Kind of like when they get upset that the clickers batteries ran out, or they forgot their Nintedo DS, Ipod and I will not start a DVD in the van when we are only going to be friving for 15 minutes in the car.
  • I don't know about 'like', but I didn't mind it until my wife told me that the whining thing that made my teeth smell of burning (painlessly) was called a drill. After that I gave in to the stereotype terrors. I'm British anyway, so I don't trust dentists to be doing the right things by my teeth.
  • I do, Nelson. Both my parents had false teeth and I never wanted that to happen to me. As you know I'm 70 and I have all my own teeth. Had gum surgery in 1980 and the dentist told me then that I could make the choice to keep my teeth by going regularly and doing the "right thing" at home, or I could choose to ignore them and lose them, just like my folks. So I look forward to going to the dentist! :) Happy Wednesday! :) ((hugs)) Additionally, did you know that a healthy mouth is also good for the heart? :)
  • OH NO... I do not... it is years between visits... then I pay in both PAIN and
  • No,but comedian Steven Wright said he eats a bag of Oreos before he goes in for a cleaning because he has a crush on the dental hygenist.
  • I love to go because it means that my dental pain will go away. After having 7 teeth pulled already (4 wisdom) it really doesn't matter when he gets down to business in my mouth. I welcome all the pain I feel there as a sign that I will feel a lot less pain in the near future. I am a tough son of a gun and I am ready for it, whatever that needs being done.
  • I really don't, but since I know that good oral health is important, I go. It feels great after getting my teeth cleaned.
  • Going to the dentist can be alot of fun.

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