• He didn't that's why he wears glasses sometimes. I believe that he was farsighted (When you can't see things close up)
  • Johnny wears glasses for reading.
  • Glasses are looking good on him !
  • i think Suus_johnny is johnny depp... looking to see how much we know about him lol
  • Johnny Depp is nearsighted not farsighted otherwise he would rarely wear his glasses, and if asked in an interview why he wears glasses he wouldn't say "to see" if he was far sighted, if you are farsighted you only need glasses to read upclose, he's nearsighted. And he wears them while driving and you only need to if your nearsighted. But he's not terribly nearsighted because he can walk around without glasses on, but yeah he's nearsighted.
  • Everything you ever needed to know about Johnny's eyes is shown on this page:

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