• Huh? Two what a month? I'm going out on a limb and going to assume you meant: 'Can you keep a great relationship with only having sex twice a month?" I guess one could. There are people in love with one another who can not have any sex due to various reasons, usually physical ones. And then there are many relationships where both people are too tired, over worked or just do not feel like sex that often that have strong emotional ties (great relationship). Of course they are the ones that mostly see sex as the icing on the cake - the cake being the relationship, emotional connection, the friendship - and sex is just an extra bonus.
  • anything is possible
  • That's completely up to you and the one you are relating to sexually? People have different libido drives.
  • This completely depends on the relationship and the two individuals in it. From my personal experiences, I am a very sexual 24 year old woman with an incredible sex drive and my husband is 26 and he loves to pleasure me and feel me orgasm when he is inside me. and I enjoy having sex with my man as much as possible and we do it at least once a week if not more. We are both very passionate and enjoy being together in a physical way. But our sex life is amazing because we've been together long enough that we know each other's favorite things to do when it comes to foreplay, positions, places to kiss and touch, etc. Sex is a great way to be close to your partner and feel connected and have one on one time together, especially if you both know what the other likes and dislikes. If you are trying to have more sex in your relationship I would suggest trying new things. Spice things up! Surprise your S/O with some sexy lingerie, talk to him/her about it and see if they are open to trying some new positions or doing it in a different room of the house. Be spontaneous, flirty, and sexy! send them an unexpected nude picture telling them they are on your mind, wish you were here, hungry for your touch, and so on. My husband loves it when I do that! Also you could try enjoying a shower together. Shower sex is AMAZING!!! But don't be discouraged. Some couples have less sex as they get older, it's just a part of aging. just keep that fire burning and let them know they are wanted.
    • Roaring
      Most everything you said resonates except taking and sending revealing pics.(would never do that) It sounds like you have a very healthy, passionate relationship.
    • Momma10111130
      Just giving advice from my own personal experiences.
    • Momma10111130
      And yes, we do have a very passionate and wonderful relationship.
  • it depends on the people involved, everyone is different

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