• I've never gambled gambled, but I do buy lottery tickets from time to time. The most I won is like $12
  • Lottery. I haven't won anything. YET :-)
  • No. I don't gamble. I think that because that's the case I'm a big winner. But that's just how I feel about it.
  • Lottery £2 a week ( I never win ). Grand National £5 ( lost ) and £3 on the Albion to beat Portsmouth ( they lost ). Hmmmmm.... maybe I should try saving :-)
  • For some reason I find the lottery to be gambling, but poker not so much. So, I play poker. The most I've ever won was in Vegas and I raked in $700 in a tourney. I'm not that good, but I just caught all the cards at the right time. It was awesome.
  • pokah pokah pokah .. too young for casinos, so I play with friends, some of which work or play frequently in casinos. I ve never hade a huge loss or a huge win, but on the whole I ve balanced out what I have played over the past few months. i don't consider myself a gambler though :)
  • The only thing I gamble against is life and my odds at winning don't look too good.
  • Once I put 50c in a slot machine and won $500. Never did it again because I knew I was just lucky.
  • i often play the lottery and never win, but in my dreams i win and when i get up i still have money problems
  • I love to play poker. We have home games about once a month, and we go to the casino a few times a year. I also play online occasionally. I rarely buy lottery tickets, unless the jackpot is outrageous. The most I've ever won in one game was $1200 (playing poker), and the most I've ever lost in one visit to the casino was around $600.
  • No, no, no, no! Zero, zero!
  • My friend and I go to the casino about 3 times a year and have a great time.We do not spend too much,and usually break even.
  • no gambling, but i've been invited to go to a few casinos. it's just not my scene. i have a hard enough time making money, id actually like to keep it :p
  • I don't gamble normally. But, every time I go to Las Vegas (I hate Vegas, but have to go there for work on occasion), I take a $5 bill and play video poker. Most I've won is about $100, and the most I've lost is $5.
  • I only gamble in two ways. When my husband and I are on a trip, we will pick up a few scratch off lottery tickets. We never spend more than around $20.00 a year on them. The other way I gamble is not for money. Once a week we do the major clean on the bathroom at work. We play cards for it, the loser cleans. I do the cleaning alot, which is why I don't gamble for money.
  • Lottery tickets..basically the same numbers..rarely win and when we do it's "small stuff"..nevertheless, we keep playing! Poker I play on a poker machine and offline on the computer. Years ago in Las Vegas when my sis and brother-in-law took me there for my birthday I won $285 on a nickel poker machine! Yep..that's right! We had a very fine dinner that night! :) Another time in Las Vegas I won $90. :)
  • A little on all of the above 2 or 3 times a year... about $500 probably the most I have won or lost. Gee what a cheap date. eh

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