• i typically would talk to the person every day.
  • Whenever I wanted to, honestly. That would typically be once a day, at least, as I would need my "fix" of that person if I was really nuts about them. Occasionally I've gone as high as 3 or 4 times a day if I really missed them.
  • i think you have to gage it carefully because ppl are all so different - i personally would feel like i had a bit of a bunny boiler, if a new partner was too in my face?
  • It should be at the rate where both of you are comfortable. If their is a REAL reason to talk, then is should be done. Perhaps at least once a day in our easy communication society is OK.
  • Talk to them everyday. :)
  • At least everyday. You might occasionally go a day without talking to them here and there, but if you're at that level of your relationship, hopefully you've become close friends. Right now I'm dating an old boyfriend from junior high (omg, 23 years later) and we end up talking several times a day, just cause we like each other. I mean after all, aren't the purpose of relationships for companionship? Besides, your day just wouldn't be the same if you didn't encounter them daily in some form or fashion! You gotta get your luv fix!
  • When I was dating the guy who ended up to be my husband, we talked all the time if we weren't with each other, sometimes for hours. We saw each other many times a day, too. And I was in HS and he worked so it took some doing. And this was in the 70s with no cell phones.
  • couple times a day. now we really, really like each other so its like 3-4 times a day on msn, throughout the day/night if he is working. when we started out we both played it cool and gave each other our space, even though i know both of us wanted to talk lol. but it definitely worked out. we only got fonder of each other and enjoyed it more when the other person msg'd the other person... makes you feel special :)
  • Ive been dating my boyfriend for three years on and off long we talked ALOT because thats all we had to base our relationship on was phone conversations and internet. Now three years later he is still working out of town, we don't talk as much, we're both signed in online all day long but we're both usually pretty busy at work. And we make sure we make the effort to talk before we go to sleep or before we go out for the night.

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