• As long as you are prescribed something you shouldn't have to worry about what the drug tests come back as. You are legally prescribed the medication. I am not sure exactly which 2 specific drug classes that these meds fall under. I take oxycodone as well and never bothered to look it up. Some drug tests test specifically for the "class" of medication, for example Vicodin is considered an Opiate drug, Xanax would be a benzodiazapene. They usually don't test for specifics, except for things like THC because it only comes from one place. Take your prescription with you and have it documented. It's easier to deal with before the fact than after the fact when they look at you like you're a drug abuser. For more information about these drugs, try
  • yeah as long as you were perscribed these things then you have nothing to worry about if you wasnt perscribed then basically your screwed

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