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  • You look beautiful, in anything you wear.
  • No is always the right answer. Even if she knows you are wrong by saying No, it is the best right wrong answer you can give. Right?
  • Look at her, consider briefly, and then say something like "No, actually, it looks great because it (brings out her eyes) (accents her jewelry) (whatever)"
  • I wish we could just not answer the question. I'll say it like it is but if "like it is" isn't really good I'll at least paint a pretty picture.
  • "Honey, have you lost weight"? "That dress is sharp and you look really thin". This is BS at its best, but it works.
  • You say, "Not as fat as you did in the other dress!"
  • No,you don't but your sister did.
  • Just tell her that she looks great in anything. If you DO think she's too fat, just don't date her. Plain and simple.
  • Take it off and let me see how you look without it, slowly now...
  • If she looks fat say "yes", if not say "no". But..if it's yes, try to help her pick out something better. (I know, painful, but sometimes necessary.)
  • no. if anything the dress covers how fat you look without it :P thats what id expect my boyfriend to tell me if i asked such a pointless question :)
  • Your honest opinion. Does she look fat in the dress? If you say no, and she actually does look fat in the dress, she'll hate you afterwards for letting her go into a social situation wearing horizontal stripes (or is it vertical?). If you say yes, but give her a nicer alternative, such as that neat red dress with the black trim, she'll be momentarily displeased, but then be appreciative afterwards. When I go shopping (yes, I do) I always give my honest opinion, at the dismay of many a shop assistant: SA: "Oh, that looks wonderful on you!" Me: "Looks more like a sack of potatoes." SA: Dirty stare in my direction... "Well, we could probably take it in at the back to hug your figure." Me: "Or we could just bring it back once we get it home..." If looks could kill...
  • where did you get that dress? Lane Bryant?
  • Be honest!!! It might sting but the truth is always best...and I would always what to know the truth!~
  • "And remember, it's not the dress that makes you look's the fat that makes you look fat....." -Al Bundy.
  • Do women actually ask this to guys, because I never have. I know guys don't really care, and much rather not have to answer anything that has to do with "fashion tips" so I ask my girlfriends instead. I know they'll be brutally honest, which is always okay coming from a girlfriend, because they're helping me look my best for when I go out with my boyfriend. I think girls need to stop putting guys on the spot.
  • Just say the truth whatever that is. If she is so insecure that she can't take a little bit of unwanted information, then, she isn't someone you really want to live with anyway. I wouldn't be with someone who would even ask that in the first place, and, I certainly wouldn't live with anyone who wouldn't be able to accept a truth and just change dresses.
  • "Don't be foolish, you look terrific".
  • The truth. Don't say fat, just say "Oh, but that one dress you wore at such-and-such a time is much more flattering! It really brings out your eyes!" (or whatever might apply).
  • "no fatter than you usually look"... then beat a hasty retreat ! LOL It's a no win question. Change the subject. Or suggest, "that dres really matches your hair , eyes, etc...
  • if the answer is no.....say, NO WAY, you look absolutely gorgeous.....and if the answer is yes, say NO WAY, but the dress definately doesn't do you justice.
  • The correct answer(s) If the dress is hideous - No, but I really like the <color> dress better. If the dress looks great - Babe, that dress looks great on you! If the dress looks 'okay' - Babe, that dress looks great on you. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER mention the but or give a one word answer. Change the subject but keep it mainly focused on her and the dress or another one that you think might look better.
  • G'day The Wise Guy, Thank you for your question. The right answer is always no even if yes is factually correct. If it is not flattering, you can say that the other dresses showed her assets to better advantage. Regards
  • I told my then girlfriend (now wife) not to ask me questions like that unless she wants an honest answer. That put to rest a whole lifetime of pain and anguish before it even got started, and makes the two of us much happier. She knows she can come to me and get an honest opinion about a certain dress, hairstyle, whatever. I'm not going to be mean. I'll never ever tell her she's fat. I will (and have) told her that a certain skirt makes her look hippy or frumpy. She appreciates it and I have no stress. Life is good.
  • If it's not becoming to her, tell her. You can say it in a way that is not hurtful. Such as, "it just doesn't do for you what the blue dress does" or "it's just not a flattering cut and I know you would want to know "You have the cutest backside and I don't like those pants on you because they just don't do it justice"! Hope that helps.
  • You say, "Are you angry with me?" (Wait for her to answer, then respond.) "Well whatever answer I give to your question is bound to make you angry, so why ask me if it's just gonna get me in trouble?" See if that works.
  • I dont think you will ever find a "right" answer for this question.
  • You focus on the dress, and say, the dress doesnt do you justice.
  • Fake a heart attack.
  • I don't think this is the right answer but it is funny.

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