• Yes I think. Somehow the growth must stop. Nothing, no matter how good, can go on forever and ever.
  • As long as you are talking about your mind and not your waist line it's all good. To be enlightened is to see all things with total clarity.
  • In the last days of the Economic age of man, resources will be scarce, pollution widespread and the damage done to the ecosystem irreperable. Striving for endless growth only means doom. Endless growth requires endless resources. The earth is finite. Imagine the earth as an apple. How many bites could you take out ? You cant keep biting from the same apple, soon there will be nothin left !!
  • There are only 2 things that we know of that depend on endless growth - the economy and cancer. Draw your own conclusion.
  • Yes. On the one hand we are told to consume less for the sake of the environment. On the other hand we are implored to maximize growth. The left and right hands are not talking to each other.
  • Endless? Yes, I think so.
  • Yes. Our endevour is one set against the natural law of entropy and decay: The faster we build, the faster it comes apart. Man is finite, and thus his efforts are finite as well. So we see that in the end we see all humankind and their work is merely smoke in the wind.
  • Probably. It all depends upon the definiton of "growth."
  • Striving, no. Though goals should be made, whether the long term or short term, to guage your progression.
  • Take a balloon and call it growth. The balloon represents a certain capacity of a certain resource to support growth. Keep blowing into it. Each blow is more growth. What happens ? Draw your own conclusions
  • Stagnation is worse.
  • Yes. If you are talking about business study the law of diminishing returns. At a certain point continued growth is not proportional to the money spent on it. i.e. $1 spent yields lees then $1 in returns. That needs to be monitered carefully and is done by successful businesses. You can have goals to achieve other than increased profits. Many business strive for community appreciation. Ophra (nough said), others for a better product at same cost, etc.

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