• I would certainly confront them right then and there and warn them very loud and clear that the next time it happens, there will be consequences.
  • with a sudden influx of blood into my nether regions.
  • Extremely surprised, unless I was in Greenwich Village or something. They like the rough-looking ones;)
  • Depends on who was doing the groping.
  • Hit him and start screaming. Then call the cops. Have the person in charge hold the molester till the cops got there.
  • This happened to me on a plane. The guy next to me had too much to drink, was in a hurry to disembark, and was a prick. Soooo, he "spanked" me to encourage me to get out of his way and commented that I was "spankable" (it was a packed flight and there was nowhere to go). I didn't have to do anything, the guy in the row behind us pinned his arms together and held him until I could get out into the aisle. I was just shocked, I couldn't believe the guy had actually done/said such a rude and obnoxious thing. I offered to buy the guy who held him off a beer, but he was happy just to be of service.
  • I would try to kill them!!!
  • I'd probably enjoy it... Rub up against him, encourage him, get his hard on, make him blush, how does *he* like being embarrassed in public? Shameless... Don't think he'd do it again in a hurry... but he won't forget it in a hurry either! ;p lol
  • I was groped by an older woman(in her 80's) on a bus a few weeks ago. She thought I was her nepherw, I think she was trying to count my change.
  • It happened to me in a nightclub when I was waitressing . A customer thought that he was not only paying for drinks and grabbed me .There was a break in the music and the slap resounded all around the club. He was extremely embarrassed and apologetic. The next week he walked in and left me a bottle of Champagne perfume which he had just brought back from Paris to apologise. I never saw him again. Sorry I have misread the question Yes I have been touched on the Tube but it is so crowded people always pretend it is an accident
  • i'd honestly slap them in the damn face, or nuts if they had them. but thats just me
  • i don't know, i'm never the one being groped.
  • Ask for their number
  • i think i might bite them and start barking
  • With violence.
  • Depends if it was a she, and I liked it or not!
  • If it were a guy, I would probably deck him without even thinking about it. If it were a woman, I would probably thank her! Heh!
  • I would 1) hit him 2) scream
  • Appreciative yo...
  • if it was a stranger slap them. if it was my s/o enjoy it lol
  • Grab your cell phone and take a picture of that person's face. Tell them politely (only once) that their continued actions will lead to arrest. People have actually been arrested this way. Always keep the cell/camera handy.
  • Bitch slap him/her to the ground.
  • Enjoy it. I had this happen at a fish market one time.
  • I would state loudly and clearly (for maximum witness recruitment) "Get your filthy hands off my X you dirty old creep!" People like that rely on your shock and humiliation to keep it quiet long enough to let them get away.
  • I was once groped while walking through a haunted house when I was a teenager. I hated it.
  • He would be wearing my hand as a nut pincher.....
  • "Touch me again and die, asshat!!" in a very loud voice will usually back them off a bit.
  • that happened to me in middle school..i was walking to class and our school was it's like mash pits all over..and i felt something on my butt..i thought it was my bag but it was warm and i felt a finger at the bottom of my butt!!!!! omg!!! this person whoever it was was cupping my butt as i was walking..i felt so disgusting..i still don't know who did it..omg ugh!!!
  • Probably smack the fire out of him/her. A friend tried that when we were teens and ended up with a bloody nose.
  • Say, "Thank you, ma'am. May I have some more?" Sincere gratitude and a winning smile go a long way.
  • I'd never tell them but ladies have a free pass to grab any part of me at any time unless I know they're married. They have to figure that out on their own. Only one gal realized this - and she would tweak my bottom every day after she learned I was cool with it. How she figured it out I'll never know. This is for the ladies only. A man would get a punch in the face.
    • Linda Joy
      You just told me!
    • Anoname
      Yea, but you don't know me in the real world, so it's OK. If you did you'd have a head start on all other chicks.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd probably never be bold enough to use it.
    • Anoname
      My loss.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to be, but that was a long time ago!
  • I'd remove their hand... from them!
    • Anoname
      Well said....and violently said.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't tell anyone I'z bluffing. Its way too hard to remove the hand without a tool of some sort! And I seldom carry anything more dangerous than nail clippers or a nail file! Lol But I could subdue them till help arrived.
    • Anoname
      When I say I'd rip someones heart out with my bare hands I'm actually NOT bluffing. It's my violent side. I spend time thinking about ways to make good on those kinds of remarks. Did you know there's a way to force your hand up under someones ribcage and actually squeeze their heart. It's kind'a scarey that I know these types of manuevers, but I'd only use them to protect others.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't really have anyone to protect anymore, and if it's down to me or them, well I'd rather give them the opportunity to repent for killing me before they die. I know I'd be on my way home.
    • Anoname
      Like Steven, the first Christian martyr.
    • Linda Joy
      I never really looked at it like that. I just came to that realization when I considered whether or not to buy a gun. I know if I'm not going to use that it's better off for it not to be there.
    • Linda Joy
      But I'm glad I got you on my 6!
  • i would tell the bus driver, they can call the police and have him thrown off the bus

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