• The average battery life is still painfully short; three to four hours for most laptop models. 1. Power down all nonessential functions. Switch it off if you're not using it. 2. Stay out of extreme temperatures. See more tips on extending battery life:
  • Any rechargable battery that has been idle for awhile will have less amp hours than one that is in a charge/discharge cycle. A new battery in a laptop should run a little bit longer each time after charging. If not, there could be a problem, laptop batteries all have computer chips inside now.
  • hopefully he is running a coolmat under it also, as this will make his laptop last a whole lot longer, as the laptop run cooler, there for battery will last longer also buy them at wal-mart, staples, sams club etc they cost around $30.00
  • Many times, the battery life is measured under more moderate loads than many people subject them too, and even then the batteries last about 2-1/2 hours or so. If you make use of the optical drive, that will SEVERELY drain the battery; beware of watching movies. Hard dive access takes it's toll as well; there go games. Gaming also taxes the CPU and graphics chips. At full speed, they draw more power than they would doing something more menial like Office.
  • You will find alot of laptops can fall short of about an hour and half if lucky running in standby but as alot of people have said it depends on the workload. How long dose the lappy normally last for you also what laptop and model is it?
  • many people buy laptops according to the life of its battery. if and when your son takes his laptop away from home, he will just have to plan on finding an electrical outlet. many wifi hotspots also have free electrical too.

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