• Not from MY answers - I almost invariably answer "Too many to list". ;-)
  • Some people do think that such questions aren't good because they leave some users out. I do believe them. This isn't a popularity contest, after all. It's not a glamorized chatroom, either.
  • I don't really care for those, either. I can't really single out any one person when someone asks that kind of question...because there are always "too many to list."
  • I don't care for those questions, no. I think the people who ask them probably have the best of intentions, but I think it does and can lead to hurt feelings. It brings people back to the high school mentality of being popular and accepted. I tend to ignore these questions completely.
  • I don't like it, so I try to give an answer that does not single out anyone.
  • I do. I can picture ABers like little kids waiting to be picked for a team and getting sadder and sadder as they realize that their name isn't going to be called or they'll be called last. We all have a special contribution to make and it really isn't fair to put anyone in that position. Glad you raised the issue.
  • I can't say dislike because freedom to ask is very important. I will say ignore.
  • I don't like them. They always make some members feel left out while pumping up a few. Whether the attention is negative or positive, it never seems to achieve what they start out to. Congrats are okay to me, but when you are eliciting names for something, it's not a good idea.
  • No. If someone was really hurt by not being named smartest, prettiest, whatever on AB, then they have even deeper issues. I don't necessarily LIKE those questions, but I don't hate them either.
  • I love them. Rank me and show me where I stand. If you don't like these questions, then let's get rid of the point system. The point system is a defacto popularity contest. Competition brings out the best. I absolutely despise the mentality of "we shouldn't exclude anyone". It is that pansy attitude that is killing western democracies.
  • They don't bother me. If they did bother me, I would try to look in the mirror first: why would that bother anyone? I'm not required to participate, and sometimes I do have an opinion about who really deserves some recognition or appreciation. Yes, some people will feel left out or unappreciated, but there's no way to protect people from that -- if someone feels unappreciated, they should handle it the same way: get in front of the mirror and find out what's going on. That can be very educational, e.g. "Oh, I see... I feel like others don't appreciate me enough -- what is my source of my self esteem?", etc. I don't post these questions, and once in a while I answer them. The don't bother me.
  • I never answer those.
  • I do, those kind of questions make me very uncomfortable, and usually I completely avoid answering.
  • I can't really see the point to them. I wouldn't answer and I wouldn't even bother to read the answers. Because in my book, it all would come down to 'who cares'?
  • it is impossible to answer such questions..unless you know everyone on AB, and you can be totally objective, the results will be due to popularity contests in different regions of AB. I know of no one who "knows" all our members at any given time..being objective is impossible..we all have our favorites. So the question is self-defeating. I think the intention is positive..people are happy with their friends and want to acknowledge that somehow..but being listed or not is meaningless, because there is no way the results will be fair! :)
  • I dislike them. People get left out and feelings get hurt. Or, people are singled out, and feelings get hurt. Either way, those questions do NOTHING to foster a sense of community, which we try to have here at AB. AB is NOT a popularity contest, nor is it junior high school. I wish that people would remember that this is supposed to be a question and answer board, NOT a chat board. <sigh.>
  • I just don't pay them much attention. I'm not going to say that the question shouldn't be asked, because everyone has a right to ask whatever they want. But I can't see anyone here knowing EVERYONE so I simply just don't think the answers are going to be very accurate.
  • I agree with you DBD. Answers to questions such as these will inevitably leave out someone who is deserving and could make them feel unappreciated and anonymous.
  • I don't really like them, never answer them and don't read the answers.
  • I dislike them ,and the ones that ask me to categorize other ABers.
  • I realize lots of ABers have been here a lot longer than I have, so it dosn't bother me. I have been treated so kindly on here, it's al I could ask for. Except for the ones who dr my answers:)

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