• Soft Tacos. Sorry not a Dirty mind on this one =)
  • I miss the reduced fat white corn tacos Taco Bell used to sell in the 90's. Hot dogs dirty? Now if you'd said polish sausage, bun length, maybe.
  • When you say taco what do you mean? Where I live we often eat Breakfast tacos similar to what you would call a burrito. Burritos are similar to breakfast tacos except they are deep fried. If we go to a gringo restaurant their tacos are the ones that are folded in half and filled with meat, lettuces, tomatoes with cheese sprinkled on top. As for hot dogs I prefer the turkey and pork ones.
  • (giggling) well for me, it's a hot dog every time.......even plain, and cut, and a little stiff, if you please!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL oh, and no condiments, but a condom is the best!! (more snickering and giggling) LOL :-D

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