• I would, just to see them for who they are when I see their comments and answers to other people.
  • Yes I would but it would not affect the way I act. I do not DR and would not retaliate .That would put me in the same garbage can as the unethical trolls.
  • I honestly don't care who they are. I feel a little sorry for them, that this is considered fun for them but I really am too busy having fun then to really care who they are.
  • Yes..stalking the stalker...mmmmmm....;)
  • If it was free, I would feel that I'd HAVE to see. But it wouldn't even be worth a small fee to me because I know that it would change my AB'ing and turn me into a person I wouldn't like. More importantly, it would change the site. I have become pretty thick-skinned to downrating. All downrating is not trollish, as considered by most, I think. Sometimes, for instance, people think I have given bad advice. It angers me because I might be sitting on stacks of books that say I'm right. Lol. But that's not trolling, by my definition. Trolling is when I look in my activity list and see dr after dr...and it is clear that someone doesn't like ONE answer/ question and is attacking my whole history based upon that. THAT IS A VERY RARE OCCURRENCE ON A.B. AND IF IT'S NOT...YOU ARE PROBABLY DOING SOMETHING REALLY WRONG IN THIS COMMUNITY. So, my short answer is, get a tougher skin. The points don't come with a dollar equivalent. Perhaps you gave bum advice. If you aren't getting "trolled" up and DOWN your history, your definition is probably way too broad.
  • I'm aware of who a lot of my trolls are. Some followed a bunch of us over from Yahoo Answers, others also actually make themselves known by actually posting their nasty Q&A. Would I d/l it? I doubt it. I guess I should count myself as one of the lucky ones who has friends. These trolls must lead some pretty sad, pathetic lives to get their jollies being insulting, cruel and petty. I can only hope that karma catches up with them and opens their eyes (and their minds) before it's too late...
  • Oh yeh... that would rock hard! I would have to punish any disagreers... ;-)
  • Damn right I'd down load it because it would at least tell me whose honestly my friend but it wouldn't change how I bag.
  • I wouldnt download it, but I bet some of A/Ber's will be deleting their accounts, LOL.
  • I think I would. I'd be curious as to who does these weird DRs, like the ones where someone asks you your preference between two things and why and they they DR you for choosing one. LOL! But it wouldn't change my bagging. I'm more the curious type than revenge and anger:-)
  • I would download it in a heart beat. IF someone posi-trolled me I could properly thank them and for the neggin trolls I could properly thank them also! lol ;P
  • I honestly don't want to know. That would only focus time and energy on something negative, at least for me. I generally leave my ratings thing off, anyway.
  • Since I don't seem to get trolled (that I am aware of since I never have my ratings button clicked to show the ratings) I would not be interested in an add-on. I also think it would encourage negative behaviour.
  • No way. I don't know and don't care. I like to have fun. Knowing that someone I like or respect down rates me is not fun.
  • No, I don't care that much about the trolls....
  • Oops! Delete.
  • I'd get it, just out of curiosity.

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