• There are a couple of different muscles that wrap around to the back in that area, did you do something strenuous that may have caused you to pull a muscle?
  • I have pain similar to that. I woke up this morning with pain under both breasts. It almost feels like the pain is in my ribs. I'm not sure what causes this. I've had it before and it normally goes away.
  • Do you still have this problem as the symptoms sound the same as me. My pain is on the right and is very bad. I recently spent 5 days in hospital as the pain was so bad it felt like my muscles where pulling my bones apart. Pain killers only just take the edge off it and Im on some pretty heavy duty ones. Tests cant find anything yet and my collar bone and one rib are protruding slightly too. I have a feeling it might be tietzes syndrome in which case there is no cure, I just have to stay positive and hope it goes soon. I was wondering if you where still suffering too and thought you may want to look this up if that was the case. I hope though that you have recovered already.
  • pulled muscle or pinched nerve. A chiropractor may be able to help if it does not go away ibn a few days.

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