• Best for what? If you need to capture motion at a distance, you probably want an SLR size body with a very fast detector and interchangeable lenses. If you take a lot of low-light pictures, a powerful flash and/or fast sensor (high ISO equivalent) will be important. If you do portraits or landscapes you need low noise and good color correlation with a low distortion lens. If you just take snapshots here and there for memories, more pixels per dollar and compact size may be high on your list... Best may be different for almost every user...
  • I had the same problem trying to find what would be best for my needs. I found that a free digital camera works as good as any for what I do.(my boss gave it to me because he thought it was broken). Although this answer is not helpful in any way at all,you should pay attention to the first answer.
  • ok not quite what you wanted to know but NOT THE OLYMPUS SP500, its terrible.
  • What is your budget? ;-) I nominate the Sony CyberShot N2 It is compact and has superb quality. Remember to buy a couple of high-capacity memory cards.
  • Well you could borrow mine,but you would have to take me with you ;)
  • If you are splashing out go SLR if you want a great wide angle Kodak V570. second hand Fuji Fine pics s3500 is easy to use and you can produce great shots. Either way go for a better optical zoom rather than a high digital zoom as a high digital zooom pixilates the image and it looks blurred when you print it out. When you have a camera in mind try or
  • I took the Canon Powershot SD700 IS on a recent trip to france. It didn't fail me. I usually take my Canon Digital Rebel XT but since I expected to be very busy during this trip, I didn't want to bother with a camera bag.
  • For the money, its at WalMart and costs 189.00 dollars. Its the Sony, 6 mega pixels Cyber-Shot Digital Camera. This camera takes amazing photographs. We have been 300% happy with our choice of this camera. For the money, you cannot beat its performance.
  • This depends on alot of things, what do you need the camera to do? How much money do you have to work with? Its not so much what is the best digital camera, but more what is the best digital camera for you? Also varies with where you live, the DC's available in America are going to be different then China. Check out this link for more information on digital camera's, including prices and reviews.
  • Canon EOS 30D
  • Best is a matter of opinion. HIGH quality ones can be thousands of dollars. The "best" for you could mean ony spending 1 or 2 hundred dollars, maybe less. It would depend on the price you are willing to pay.
  • There are many cameras that you could buy. The best camera for you to buy is the one that is right for you and suits your needs. If you are just a beginner, it would be in your best interest to buy a simple camera designed for beginners. I'm just telling you that because it sounds like you are a beginner. Once you're an experienced camera man or camera woman, you probably won't need to ask this question anymore as you will know what you are comfortable with.
  • I like Canon a LOT! I have a Powershot SD550 for sticking in my pocket and it rocks! I also have a 10D which in a SLR. The bonus is that I have a 35mm EOS that I share lenses with.
  • I have a Nikon D40 SLR 10.2 mp and I love it. I bought an extra lense for extreme close ups and its the best investment I've made in a Digital camera. Cannon and Olympus have some good ones too.
  • I have Kodak M883. It was my friends xmas present but he had a camera already.
  • i have sony cyber-shot, it's good enough
  • How about Panasonic FX520 who has intelligent Auto Scene Selector or the Upcoming Nikon S60, I dont know how to take pics but since I am a beginner I might rely on these 2 camera to do more for me. Any comments regarding these both cameras??
  • I recently purchased a Canon SX10IS. Seems to do very well. +5
  • The best digital camera is the one that works the best for you.

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