• I'll surely tell him but I will not oblige him to take the responsibility for the child.
  • absolutely no-sperm doesnt make him a daddy
  • yes. you have to separate the pregnancy from the relationship - except for the fact that the relationship caused the pregnancy. he not only has a right to know but 1)a duty to be included in the raising of the child should you decide to keep it, 2) a right to raise the child on his own if you decide to give him/her up for adoption or 3) an obligation to contribute financially should you decide to terminate.
  • I found out I was pregnant right after I broke up with my son's father. I never told him. I'm sure his landlord and his friends, who saw me around town, told him, but I never told them where I lived or even that it was his, They probably told him about seeing me. He was a bad person anyway. When my son got into his teens I had told him what his father was like, but said I would try to find him if my son wanted to meet him. He said no, that he didn't want to meet anyone like that, even if he was his father.
  • I think he has the right to know and yes I would tell him. Regardless how much I may hate him it took both of us to create a baby.
  • Yes I would tell him, its his child to,and he needs to be apart of the childs life, and help raise the baby.
  • Never happen I'm a man, and the transgender nonsense isn't up my alley
  • yes, he has a right to know since its his baby too

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