• I can smell just about anything, My index finger locks up when I clean the shower, I like sugar in my grits(I'm from the south and I like them), I like metal music and I'm not like the rest of my family :)
  • 1) I just learned how to ride a bike last weekend. (I am 25) 2) I have never been pregnant and I never plan to be. 3) I had bacon for the first time two years ago.. =) 4) I wear Old Spice High Endurance deodorant (I am a girl) 5) I am the Hula Hoop champ of the Jersey Shore.
  • i am very intelligent........very poor..........very unhappy.........very alone....very lonely
  • If there is something wrong with anything, I am usually the first one to discover it. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time. I sucked my thumb at night until I was 12 years old. You will notice that I have a strong fascination in the bizarre, shocking, morbid and psychologically warped. During my 42 years of life I have only had 1 sex partner. I have lost 2 jobs during my life due to lay-offs.
  • 1)Unconventional. 2) Put myself through school 3) Cautious 4) Careful 5) No current rank, belt or sash in martial arts.
  • 1. I played Charlie in a local production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 2. I was in a local fashion parade and got paid in chocolate bars. 3. I work full time, day in, day out, without getting paid a cent. I work extra part time to compensate. 4. I've never smoked cigarettes, marijuana, crack or anything else for that matter. 5. I have a spot under my chin where no hair grows.
  • I'm a vegetarian. I lived in Alaska, but currently live in my hometown on Cape Cod. I married a foreign man, and can speak his language relatively well. I can't write much at all, however. I always wanted to be a veterinarian, or psychologist. I never got that far. Even though I also worked previously both with animals and in mental health, I currently work in healthcare. I thoroughly enjoy driving, by myself, for long trips. If my husband's in the car, it's better if he's quiet. I use my time there to think. :)
  • I'm the middle child. I won the city spelling bee in 4th grade. I've broken 6 of my toes at different times. My ex-husband owns a strip club in Tampa, FL. Tart cherries are my favorite fruit.
  • -> i get what i want, but i work hard for it -> i love my life, even though its defently not perfect -> i believe that everything happens for a reason -> i have loved, but iv only been in love once:) -> I am a teamplayer, but i like to get things done by myself at times
  • I have very acute hearing.I've only had one true friend.I have a huge fasicantion with mythology.I enjoy punk rock and classical music.I eat almost everything with hotsauce.
  • I brew my own beer. I love “Euro Trash” cars. 82 Mercedes Benz 300SD, 88 Jaguar XJ6 Two Cats I don’t own a motorcycle, “I like to ride my bicycle”. Old time Rock and Roller. (see the Queen reference above)
  • I'm 28 years old. Next month I'll graduate from University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine. I have a 2 children. I've lost 3 sets of keys to our cars in 2 days so I'm trapped at home until tomorrow. I had to edit this answer because I can't count and only wrote 4 facts at first.
  • 1. I haven't cut my hair in over ten years. No, not even a trim. 2. I am a Christian, and I believe in reincarnation. No one except my husband knows this. 3. I can read and understand (but not speak or write) Middle English. 4. I have a bone deformity in my feet that REALLY hurts from time to time and makes shoe shopping HELL. 5. I am terrified of doctors.
  • I have built our home side by side with my husband,m just the two of us. I lived without electricity for almost 6 years. I've done reflexology since the early 70s. I'm shy but have come a long way since marrying a guy who is comfortable just about anywhere. I love growing pineapple plants from the tops that get cut off from pineapples.
  • I have a university degree in biological sciences. I'm gay and have been married for 20+ years. I go to chinese mandarin classes every saturday all day at the university. I have been studying mandarin for 10+ years. I have 3 large aquariums: 2 fresh water; 1 salt water--all heavily planted with plants and corals. I have trees in every room of my has floor to ceiling windows and the trees act as blinds.
  • I am always the one who replaces the toilet paper in my house. When I was in the school band, I often fantasized about beating someone to death with my clarinet. My guitar is almost as tall as me and is one third my weight. I can process data like nobody's business. I have not eaten an ice cream sandwich in my entire life.
  • I'm a twin. I'm a mom. I have a bit of a temper. I just got a job & I'll always be there for my friends
  • 1). I'm the youngest of three 2). I like staring at the sky 3). I peed on somebody's shoes once 4). I can jump rope faster than anybody, seriously 5). I'm saving up for a trip around the world
  • 1. I am a state champion bowler. 2. I have broken 9 bones, several of them twice. 3. I have ADHD, but don't medicate. 4. I love Bette Midler and her music. 5. I don't eat mayonnaise.
  • -I hate being told what to do. -I think entirely too philisophically; it's really probably not good for my health. -My favorite places to shop are flea markets because I love antique things. -I don't believe in crazy people. -I have an eating disorder; but I don't let it be known alot because of the misconceptions the world has about them today. As soon as I divulge that information, I lose my identity and become nothing other than "that girl with an eating disorder". Which I strongly resent. And I'm greatly risking your opinions of me by putting that out there. :D But I'm feeling in need to be open and let things out that I normally hold in.
  • (1) I pride myself on my intellectual honesty, and as such, take the stance of radical skepticism. (2) I'm a vegan. (3) I have dark blonde hair. (4) I had serious anxiety problems for years, and probably abused anti-anxiety meds and alcohol by most people's standards, but about a month ago I fell and suffered a nasty concussion, and afterwards, I haven't felt any anxiety or desire to use any substances anymore. (5) Back in 1999, I was mugged and beaten up, and lost two months of memory from the attack and before it happened, that I've never regained.
  • I have a dimple when I smile really big. I love Art Deco. I've never been in a limo. I have never been skiing, water or snow. I am the tallest girl in my family.
  • I was born in Memphis and grew up in Memphis and the Mississippi Delta. I wear shorts almost every day. I can talk with my mouth closed. Sounds a little like the Pillsbury Dough Boy on helium. I have a cat named Plato. My number one favorite hobby is reading.
  • 1. I spent more on books last year than I did on utility bills and groceries combined. 2. I wear shoes with heels everyday because I think they make my ass look AWESOME. 3. I'm TERRIFIED of moths. 4. I Tivo and watch One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl every week....but I'd vehemently deny it if anyone asked. 5. I'm horrendously clumsy.
  • 1. I'm not a natural blonde 2. I'm one of those "Big hat, no cattle" kinda people 3. I'm a "sweets hound" 4. I'm a movie fanatic 5. People can really "wind me up" with political comments
  • My hair color comes from a box I have one child My best friend is 6ft 7inches I work hard, because I am lazy I love pink and yellow roses

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