• Because girls are fussy and spend a very long time(4 hours)just choosing a blouse... And they expect guys to carry their handbags for them too... Luckily I am still a 13 year-old guy and don't need a relationship right now... Thank god.
  • Because it takes them two hours to decide to try on a pair of shoes and another three to finally decide that there are no shoes in the world that she will ever like. I could have made those choices and decision, about shoes, in 10 minutes, even before I left the house.
  • For most men (not all), because we "shop" and they "buy".
  • Because guys are goal orientated. they focus on purchasing the item. Women however are process orientated. their concern is finding the item or the deal and therefor they must see every item. This fundamental difference in goals leads to frustration which men deal with by avoidance.
  • Because were not shopping for power tools or sports equipment. And unless it has a big screen TV in the store its boring to them. Unless were looking for nighties or panties then usually their pretty eager to go with us for that. Haven't you seen those men in Walmart in the electronic section watching TV, our shopping does not appeal to them but that big TV does,lol We enjoy looking & studying over what were buying, we try not to make rash decisions when buying(but we still buy stupid stuff) they see something that catches their attention & they buy it no questions asked. We try to get the cheapest product but the best to suit us.
  • Lack of patience and curiosity.
  • I'm not even a guy and I don't really like going shopping with a lot of girls. Do you wanna know why? Well, I might have the same reason. A lot of girls' mindlessly browse around the stores for NO REASON . . . and if they do go for a reason, they take their sweet, sweet time.
  • Borrriing and they take forever and always want to go to this and that shop and the misery doesn't end until we leave the mall.
  • Shopping and buying are different things. I'm a woman, but I don't like shopping. Buying is another thing. So I guess I can kind of tell what a guy is feeling, when he has to endure "shopping".
  • i am not very fond of shopping by myself either... if i was then maybe i would not be wearing the same stuff i got for Christmas through the years
  • sooner or later the same question pops up "do these pants make my butt look big?" as we are thinking 'why didn't i buy a more comfortable couch' we are never going to win
  • probably becaz it just isnt fun for them to hear girls complain about the way a pair of jeans make them look or for som other reason. so ladies go shopping with ur friends and take ur hubby or boyfriend with for shopping he would enjoy ... bathing suits, undergarments haha its like a reward for them after boring shopping :]
  • Hunter gatherer syndrome. Grils tend to gather by meticulously looking all over and planning for later harvest etc. while guys hunt down one deal, run it down and go home to play with it (like it's a bison for dinner, baby). Guys are just wired that way.
  • cz they don't wanna be seen shoppin with
  • I don't hate to shop, and I don't hate to go shopping with my girlfriend...but let's face it, some people know what they want and they go and get it and some people just like to go roam around in stores for 15 hours straight and have no idea what to buy. I know I don't mind to spend an hour or two looking for something I want or trying on some stuff but making it an all day event or just shopping for the sake of shopping as a hobby of sorts is utterly pointless and boring to me..thankfully for me my gf thinks so too.
  • Because they waste too much time looking at the same thing over and over again, and spend five hours shopping for shoes that they never buy.
  • Because, they will come back empty wallet.
  • None that i know of. None of my ex boyfriends or even husband like going shopping with me. "you take too long", "what exactly are you looking for, i will go and get it", ' lets go home and eat" etc. So now my hubby just drops me off at the shopping centre and tells me to call him when I am ready, then the next topic the hell do i fit all this in the car :) sorry guys

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