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  • i have only for a short time, i think most guys do, i just don't act on it
  • I have, and I think most guys have, because of the emotional bond with them.
  • I think most guys imagine it, even if only for a second. I remember saying this once to my friend's girlfriend. She flipped out! She got in a HUGE fight with him, like he was cheating or something (and like I'm some great autority on the subject...), and they didn't speak for a week. What a loser she was just an observation from my perspective. She shouldn've not talked to ME! Since I was the one who said men imagine sex with every girl they meet.
  • I have I think its natural to wonder and imagine sort of dreaming up a fantasy of them.
  • Yes, but I'm more than sure they've imagined sex with me too. My female friends are very dear and the most attractive girls I've ever met. Of course I'd love to have sex with them, and if my wife would let me I imagine it would happen.
  • no, not all, but quite a few
  • not the fat ones

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