• they think that they're smarter, but they aren't ...
  • Absolutely not. I know many university students who are only there because Daddy paid the fees to lower the ENTER score. I also know many successful artists and businessmen who never graduated. University education is an addendum to knowledge, and not a mark of intelligence. Besides, knowledge is the sword, wisdom is the wielder.
  • Not at all. I think the college degree may help some people to obtain a better job, but as for being "smarter", many of the people I know who have never completed high school are much smarter than some with 4-year-degrees.
  • no people with college degrees are usually just richer than those without.
  • Not at all.
  • Lordy, no. I have degrees and I'm just as dumb as anyone else.
  • no. but I do know they have a better chance of landing a better job. I am in the midst of dealing with that now.
  • No. I've known people who were "street smart" that could read a person better than a team of PHD's.
  • I think that the difference may lie in the willingness to do the work necessary to achieve the goal...there are many very smart people around..some realize their potential and some don't want to subject themselves to the sacrifice and hard work it takes to get a one advances the work gets harder and the dedication and focus needs to get better. The main thing an advanced degree tells a prospective employer (in my opinion) is that this person is willing to do what it takes to achieve an objective..and that is a very good thing because it translates to the work environment. :) Happy Monday to you! :)

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