• It depends on were and with whom. For me no...
  • yes. a modest person doesn't wear clothing that will send the wrong type of message. a short dress and a sheer blouse whispers... HOOKER
  • Can a blouse be too sheer?? This depends on where she wears it. When we go to bar and grills with no children, she normally wears it sheer enough that there is no question what she would look like topless. Finer restaurants, yes she will wear a "classy" sheer or VERY DEEP V top and do her makeup accordingly. She is one VERY HOT wife!!
  • Yes. I and many other women (and some men) do not want to see a person's undies and bra (or lack thereof).
  • Yes, unless the one wearing them is a hooker.
  • Yes, the world does not always want to be someone's gynecologist.
  • Yes and yes. Modesty is sexy in its purest form.
  • Yes and yes. Sexy does not mean trashy.
  • Don't tell anyone I ever said this yo... YES! ;)
  • Yes, you don't have to be practically naked to be attractive. Some clothes just aren't appropriate for most situations.
  • It depends on where you live and where you are going. One does not wear a micro-mini and see through top without a bra to a funeral. One does wear them to a club. Very formal occasions in most of the first world (we shall exclude the rather strange ideas of the US bible belt) and especially in the city, wearing clothes that show what is underneath does not say anything about the person. A number of very conservative people are known to wear clothing that is quite short, or very sheer. There is a place and a time. If you lived in LA or New York you could wear pretty much anything our to dinner. I would not suggest it in rural Mississippi, because as much as well would like it for it to be different, some people still live in the world of the judgmental and close minded.
  • Only on a man
  • My dad says so...
  • Meh, if it really bothers me, I just don't look at it. But people can wear skirts as low as they want.
  • ABSOLUTELY!! There is a difference between sexy and sleazy/trashy...people should really learn the difference! If you need a hairnet in order to wear the's WAY too short!
  • Yes, if your butt is hanging out and everyone can see the color of your nipples, it's not just short and sheer, it's way past sexy into slutville.
  • NO WAY! Impossible.
  • There is a time and place for wearing those, as long as you keep it there, it is not a problem.
  • apparently not because people wear them in public all the time. kinda unfortunate really
  • not if ur a stripper
  • Oh please! What a woman wears or does not wear has nothing to do with her being "on the game". Nancy Reagan (the presidents wife) often wore see-though blouses (no, not with a bra). In Ancient Egypt the quality of the cloth was so good that people of station normally wore clothing that was very transparent and it was a statement of wealth. The idea that how a woman dresses (or if they choose to dress at all) has anything to do with their sexual availability (or their being a whore) is a steaming pile of poo. Skin is what we are born in. Clothing is an invention created to protect us from cold, the sun, the hard ground (etc) and to decorate our skin. People in some parts of the world still wear nothing at all because in their climate wearing clothes is an invitation to heat stroke. Other people (in some cultures) have weird sexually repressed ideas that link seeing skin, or breasts, or some other body part to sex. In Victorian England people were in the middle of a huge and deadly syphilis epidemic, and at the same time the furniture had "limbs" not legs, and often had fabric skirts covering up those limbs so that nobody could EVER see them (how scandalous). Then we have the hight of the Holy Roman Empire when the Roman Catholic church and the pope ruled the entire western world, and when it was also perfectly normal for a woman of high station to wear a garment that showed (at the very least) some of the pink around her nipples.
  • my skirts are always short enough to see the bottom of my butt, and sometimes my shirts are low cut enough to kind of expose to the sides of my nipples. i dont care. i like looking that way. it feels good to me if other people have a problem with it, then they wont dress that way. its simple
  • Yes, and yes. Behind closed doors, all bets are off, but in public, some sense of public decency is always appreciated.
  • IMHO, a skirt can be too short (depending on the occassion, but I'm a sucker for a sheer blouse. However, just because a blouse is sheer, doesn't mean full exposure. Various undergarments can be worn to limit the amount of flesh seen and still be very sexy.

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