• My art.
  • I'm not so sure that science is the opposite of religion.. After all, the creator had to of been an awesome scientist to create all this science and only in 7 days time... It is only some peoples explaination for what may or may not have created this, but the science is all so complicated?? Yeah so are we. They can only guess too.. Who said god created everything brand new? He may have created things 2,000,000 years old to start with... I don't believe there would be an opposite of art either.. art is creativity, and replicas of what we see, hear and think.
  • Reality TV is the opposite of art. It is like a black hole that sucks in art and destroys it. Oooh, I got all poetic there for a moment.
  • art not?
  • Mediocrity may be the opposite of art
  • The oppisite of art is religion. Since science IS an art.
  • tjatherton is right. There is a big misconception that science and relligion are two opposite things. After all God created the world, he created from the most immportant person to the most unusefull speck, he is truely a Scientist( and a good on too). As far as the opposite of art I don't think there is one. Nothing compares, nothing opposes.
  • I'm going to say marketing. I see science as a manifestation of the God I worship, and religion as a way of filling in the holes we don't understand. For me, science supports my religion, religion supports my science. Similarly, marketing, publicity, promotions can expose the people to art, and art (like graphic design) serves a need for marketing. But how can you compare anything to worship or anything to art?
  • Science isn't the opposite of religion! But IF science were the opposite of religion then the opposite of art would be everything that is not visible to the eye, not audible to the ear, not felt by touch, not smelled by the nose, or not savored by taste. In a nutshell: The opposite of art is anything that the senses cannot pick up. Everything is an art! Life in itself is full of art. We ourselves are a work of art made by a CREATOR, the same ARTIST of nature and everything on Earth and beyond. Therefore there is no opposite of art, just like there is no opposite of science or of religion! Each branch is individual and unique and one does not completely contradict the other.
  • opposite Language is an art and should be mastered.
  • Your philosophy prof was certainly just trying to get you to stretch your mind a bit, but in the form the question is given, it's really meaningless. Not everything has to have an opposite. For instance, I can ask: If entrance is the opposite of exit, what is the opposite of balloon? If the question were in this form, it would make more sense: Science is to religion as what is to art? I disagree with a poster above: I think that science IS the opposite of art. Consider the main attributes of each: Science: > universality: the answers and discoveries have to be the same for everyone > testability: the claims must be testable (falsifiable) or they are NOT scientific, by definition > creativity: science requires creativity and intuition in abundance (despite what some might think) Religion: > personal: no two people need agree on anything religious > untestable: no amount of evidence will ever dissuade a religious belief, and no religious belief is falsifiable, by definition > non-creative: following a religion requires following a set of rules. you're not supposed to question, alter, or invent. So I think the two spheres are quite in opposition -- in fact, mutually exclusive. Now, what are the main attributes of art: > personal: no two people need agree on what is good or bad > untestable: there are no definitive criteria for determining whether a particular work is "better" than another > creative: (here it diverges from religion) art, by definition, expresses something personal. it usually deviates from established guidelines. yet to be good, it still needs to appeal to us. this requires constant creativity (as I can attest, being an illustrator). So, whatever is the opposite of art should have the following attributes: > universal > testable > NON-creative What has those attributes? The nearest I can come up with is: Manual labor. By which I mean repetitive, determinate, and highly regimented work. It's non-creative; there are no choices to be made. It's testable and it's the same for everyone: digging a 20'x3'x3' ditch is digging a 20'x3'x3' ditch. You know when it's done, and the result is identical whether you're a 6' 5" dullard working in Utah or a portly grandmother with a 160 IQ, in Argentina. This answer works on an intuitive level for me. Since I think science IS the opposite of religion, I would expect my answer to also feel correct, and I do. Unthinking, predetermined activity feels like the opposite of art to me.
  • Science is to religion as art is to imagination.
  • Art is essetialy the prossese of creation, so I geuss the oposite of art is destruction.
  • i think science is the oposite to art. Science and religion both contradict and support each other, the same with science and art. Then again, i think science is the opposite to most things becasue there are so many different scientific theorys.
  • Effeciency. Daily life lived in mental auto-pilot. Living and dying doing only what you can explain to someone else. That is the opposite of art. Encountering and responding calmly to something about which you do not know how to feel, and for which you have no use. That is the artistic principle.
  • Opression of creativity?
  • i'd say the opposite of art would be reality...kind of like when the guy said reality television...but that in itself is a form of's drama. I mean can be used as a means of escaping reality can it not? So i'd say art is the opposite of reality..
  • Bobby Brown!
  • American Network Television.
  • Geometry
  • science is to study religion is to worship Not opposites study should lead to worship the God that created everything Art is to express creatively the oposite would be apathy, which comes from a lack of worship
  • I dispute your initial premise- science is not the opposite of religion. Both seek truth. As for the opposite of art, it would have to be propaganda
  • LOL. Science isnt the oposite of religion. ~+~
  • I disagree with your premise regarding science and religion, but I am thoroughly convinced that the opposite of art is rap.
  • Denial.
  • Science is in no way the "opposite" of religion. The opposite of art, however, is war.
  • Uh... A cantelope? I don't like these word games where the two concepts aren't related.

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