• I'd have to say "Dune" disappointed me the most. The movie was lacking in the intense character development that I loved in the book.
  • Lord of the rings
  • man! da vinci was awful!
  • Gone with the wind. I was having the high hopes from the charater of scarlett.
  • I thought the Da Vinci code was a terrible film and I wasn't overly fond of the book to be honest. Dune was one but that's gone already. I, Robot was fairly poor. The Golden Compass as well, terrible direction. Apparently he nearly walked out because he felt "I can't do this, it is beyond me" - he should have.
  • "The Beach." - the book was great, and it was the kind of book that really SHOULD have made a good film, but instead they made a crap one, cut out all the best parts of the book, invented a naff love story and cast the main role really, really badly (nothing against Leo DiCaprio but that role should have gone to someone much older, less pretty and preferably British.). I really hope someone tries to make a film of the book again one day because the book is really cinematic and there's a great dark thriller in their just waiting to get out.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If it didn't have the same title as the book, I'd have never known it was based on Adams' work.
  • Asimov's, Nightfall. The book was about everyday people, in a perfectly rational world, much like our own, there were reporters who wore suits and ties, scientists at the university, the religous leaders were theologians. The short story de-evolved into a novel that degenerated into a movie. The movie was folks in strange flowing costumes, all mystical, superstitious, and with a bizarre mythology. What a let down. And looking over the cast, well, where are the stars?
  • I'm going with your choice as well exactly. I SO loved not only The Davinci Code, but the predecessor to it Angels & Demons was one of my favorite books to read. Now seeing how badly Davinci didn't even come close to living up to the book I'm convinced before they've even done it that it will be just as disappointing without even having seen it. But since I so enjoyed the book Angel&Demons I will still see it and try to put prejudice aside and try to view it with an open mind. On the flip side of that I was pleasantly surprised with another dear old favorite of mine that I was so convinced ahead of time would never come close to being worthy of the book(s) that inspired it. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy was so great in my mind I had extreme doubts they'd be able it any justice. But in my mind not only Peter Jackson but every member of the cast and crew did an exceptional job of bringing Tolkien's world to the screen masterfully. I guess I should wait and see.

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