• Compassion.
  • He was human and had the ability to think for himself,even under dictatorship!
  • He felt that the reason they were being killed was stupid.
  • Because he realized it was the right thing to do.
  • Because of his shortcommings for women and his unquenchable thirst for drink, He has a moment of clairity unwhich he sees the evil of his master the nazis and through syncronicity the war happens and he is there at the right time to exploit the army and the jews to mass a fourtune. Through the labours of the jews he becomes rich and he sees that the jews got him there. So he takes it upon himself to buy as many jews as he can afford frome Amon Goth and relocates the jews to czechloslovakia and does what he sees human and losenss the grip around the jews neck until the final defeat of the german un which he was exonerated from prosecution and not tried for crime against humanity and Schindler him self is now burried in Jerusalem.

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