• I can't say that as a generalization for the US, but my wife and I have noticed that there is a large percentage in our area that are.
  • they are here in GB too, but i have to say, they are the best
  • Maybe because it pays well you can do a set of nails with in an hour and make $30 or whatever they charge that is a ton of profit for a trade and depending on how many hours they work.
  • It's because of Tippi Hedren. She was touched by the plight of the Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s and felt she needed to do something. So she had her manicurist teach 20 of them what they needed to know to be manicurists. The rest is history:-)
  • I am Vietnamese. Vietnamese people obviously come from Vietnam a very poor third world country and a lot of people who immigrate to the US have no education or if they have a degree, their degree is worthless in the US. The poorer people living in Vietnam, a lot of them do nails for a living in Saigon and when they come over to the USA with no money/expertise/education/skills/poor English skills so they fall back on what they know best (nails). Vietnamese people are known to be hard working people and savers and they (like most American people) dream of opening their own business, which many Vietnamese do after years of saving money, working long hours, and working two jobs. Nail salons are viable first businesses because the salons are relatively cheap to open up, simple business plan, and a lot of Vietnamese people have knowledge/skills on how to do nails from living in Vietnam. The key to opening a new business is to open up a business on what you know best and a lot of Vietnamese people know the nail industry.

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