• Won't work. Bill is an obstacle. Hillary might trust him... ...I don't.
  • Ladbrokes betting house in the UK is placing the odds at 8-1 as of today, which means the odds are highly favouring a so-called 'Dream Ticket'. A lot of acrimony and nasty stuff gets spewed out by candidates in almost every American primary race, going back to our country's founding. The primaries are understood to be even more vicious and ruthless than the general elections, as most internecine and intramural competitions, i.e., 'brother-against-brother' tend to be. But in complete reversals of hateful rhetoric and quibbling most folks (with the exception of Ted Kennedy) shake hands when they win or lose and then focus on the real enemy, the opposing party. There has never been any imagination that Obama wouldn't eventually have to forge an alliance with Clinton supporters, and Clinton (to her credit and maturity) openly acknowledged a willingness to form a joint ticket, early on. The betting houses in Britain and Las Vegas are important to follow because they are playing with their own REAL MONEY, not just shouting out positions and opinions. So don't be surprised when the respective sparring Clinton/Obama camps are told to put down their weapons, kiss and make up with each other in preparation for throwing the Republicans out of government in 2008!
  • Bill Clinton suggested that his wife and Obama would be an almost unstoppable force if they joined together, however, a third of Obama supporters rejected a Clinton-Obama ticket, and a third of Clinton supporters rejected an Obama-Clinton ticket. I think its still just too early to say.
  • How could you call that a dream ticket? It would be the end of the USA.
  • The election boils down to a handful of states: Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Nobody else matters. Clinton has substantial support in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but Ted Strickland or to Ed Rendell could do more to solidify the working class vote. And neither of those two candidates will try to steal the spotlight from Obama, the way Clinton clearly would. Even if it's unintentional, just her being there is enough of a distraction. So, is Obama-Clinton really a dream ticket? No. I think the real dream ticket is McCain-Martinez. That would be a fierce juggernaut that would basically ensure that Florida votes Republican, as well as a shit-ton of the south, AND the west. However, it looks like McCain is going to go for Charlie Crist instead of Mel Martinez. It'll still secure Florida, likely, but the rest of the South will be more up in the air. So, Obama-Clinton would be devastating. It won't happen. Obama isn't stupid enough to let that happen.
  • Not going to happen; though I suspect that many Clintonistas will be in the Obama administration.
  • none. obama and hillary do not get along. both want complete control - they want titles and power without effort or work. See with these two candidates they have to be the center of attention any attention. the other would draw the attention away. they will not form a ticket. obama will need someone considered clean and will not bring baggage and controversial that Hillary would bring.
  • Doubt it will happen. Hillary is political suicide for Obama. Sounds like more of a "nightmare ticket" then a "dream ticket"
  • Seems unlikely. Back in February it seemed highly probably to me, but she made it really hard for him to take her on without appearing to compromise himself. I hope the rumors that Biden is the one are correct.

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