• No, that hasn't been my experience. Maybe it has something to do with your choice of women.
  • No, not really. Guys tend to fart worse because of their diet and from not going to the toilet soon enough. I suppose anybody could have bad smelling farts though if they had a poor diet or a digestive tract disorder.
  • Actually women's farts are more smellier than men's for the simple reason they contain more hydrogen sulphide. This was conclusively proven by the University of Minnesota study. For more information, go to
  • Yes they do smell way worse. The reason why I searched this baffling question is because I just got a stinky surprise under the sheets when I was going to bed, so I am now giving it about 15 min before I re-enter.
  • well when i was in high school the "hot" girls were always farting and shitting, girls have a way worse digestive system than guys, i guess thats why and if they dont eat healthy,. plus diet has alot to do with it
  • As another answerer has alraedy said, women's farts generally contain more hydrogen sulphide than men's, which could create a much more potent odor. Another thing that causes women's farts to smell is the fact that women typically hold them in longer than men; the longer you hold it in, the smellier it gets. Of course, men can also let out particularly foul flatulence. This is probably due to the fact that, typically, men eat a more meat-heavy diet than women, which causes more of a stench. At the end of the day, however, gender usually has nothing to do with the smell of one's flatulence. It all comes down to the diet. That said, women and men are both perfectly capable of letting out particularly foul farts, most women just hold theirs in for prolonged periods of time, which creates a stronger scent.
  • Ahhh now there is nothing more sexy than a hot girl with a sexy ass in tight jeans letting out huge farts that reek and taking dumps that reek, so big that they won't flush away and that paint the bowl. So girls just relax and let it all come out your ass no matter where you are even if your in public.

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