• It depends on the piercing as to whether it will affect you or not. The baby will get a mouthful of metal from that breast and there is always the chance (especially if your child is energetic) that they will suck off part or all of the piercing and swallow it. When I said it depends on the piercing I mean, if the child bites or pulls hard (as they invariably do) will it hurt you? A good way around this is to use a breast pump for the breast that has the piercing, then let the child suckle on the other nipple so that the baby still gets that mother-child contact. Good luck and congratulations.
  • Wrong part of the breast: milk don't come from the nipple.
  • It comes from those little points around the edge of the red part: go ahead and ask your Mom.
  • I would think so. Do you have any idea how much suction a baby's mouth has? It is phenomenal. I would certainly hope that, if someone did have their nipples pierced, that they would take the piercings out before feeding...else the babe might swallow them.
  • I would think that breastfeeding would be impossible with a nipple ring in place. A baby takes the whole nipple in his/her mouth, not just the part that pokes out. The baby also sucks very hard and vigorously. I imagine the ring could get sucked out and choke the baby.
  • Only if you have one of those closed-minded, prudish conservative babies... Seriously though, I can't see there being much problem so long as you take whatever ring or stud you're wearing out before trying to breastfeed.
  • I hear it can get a little messy, Ill contact the high command and see what they say...How r u doin , girl?
  • im a boy have piercings on my silly spot and blowjobs arnt akward y would breast feeding be different?
  • How would you like a mouthfull of lead? 9 out 10 babies agree, that these have got to go.
  • They can't. Nipple piercings ruin the gland and it's more likely they will have to bottle feed instead.
  • Probably not if you take them out before breastfeeding.

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