• no ijust worry about not confirming negative stereotypes about my race
  • I travel in Indonesia regularly. I am often the only Aussie for miles, but it doesn't worry me, as I speak the language, and have lots of local friends.
  • Where I live, if I'm the only one of "my race" around, I will very likely not be the only visible minority. It's such a mosaic of cultures here. Having said that, I will often be aware of it, acknowledge it to myself, but only become uncomfortable about it if someone else acknowledges it in a negative way. If acknowledged in a positive way, then great. Here, in general, there is encouragement to have pride in, and share, our diversity.
  • I usually am the only Caucasian (looking) person everywhere I go. I am never uncomfortable.
  • Nope. I'm a white person who grew up in the Michael Jordan generation, so I'm used to admiring and looking up to African-Americans as role models. I've been the only white guy in many a spot when surrounded by African-Americans and that didn't bother me at all.
  • rarely i remember being the only mexican family in a hotel lobby in canada. that was kind of awkward because one lady i swore thought i must have had a sunburn or something. but i'm sure that doesn't happen often because the rest of the time i was there it was awesome. and i've often been the only mexican in a group of mixed races - but that doesn't bother me.
  • Well, if there aren't any other human beings in the room... I don't know.
  • I just try not to look like a fool. Don't want to let my race down!
  • yeah. and it gets annoying
  • Eh, not really. It depends on the place I'm in.
  • There is never a box for my race, so it's always a bit of a problem.
  • Even in those situations I still feel comfortable
  • Not really
  • Going all the way back to my very first job, I have always been in situations where I am the only one there. (racially speaking) I have never been uncomfortable in that situation as I don't concern myself with it. Now, where I live, there are times when I do have to pay attention to my surroundings, because some people here in the south still dont understand that the centuries have changed... so I could find myself in a very compromising position if I'm not paying attention. Other than that.. I have no probs. :-)
  • Not at all. I feel uncomfortable when I'm surrounded by people from the same country as me. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I've never met anyone from my country that I've liked. As a people, they all just seem so repressive and old-fashioned. If anyone asks me what my "race" is, I'll gladly just say "Canadian", and leave it at that.
  • Nah, people just think I'm Hawaiian
  • yes! i was the only black kid in my class, and the teacher had to fill some form, and we basicaly had to scream out race, nationality and country of residence. thats me in the middle of about 30 white kids. if they hadnt realised before they sure did then!!!!!
  • nah, i recently went to a christian youth retreat and the speaker there (mind you i am white and 90% of the others there were black) said that we "are all like chocolate, mmmmm i love choclate. but like chocolate there are different types. white, milk, dark..." he really lightened the mood for anyone that may have been uncomfortable with it.

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