• A few years ago, my mom and my brother went on a dog walk and this man was there too, but without a dog. He got a picture with my mom and brother and our dogs, and when he got them developed, went as far as to bring the picture to our house. My dad had answered the door, and was very confused as to why this man was bringing a picture of him and my mother and brother. It didn't stop there though, this guy happened (and still does) to be EVERYWHERE, and was always finding my mom some how. Well, he has always saw me and knew that I was my mom's daughter because she taught his daughter a long long time ago, and he had saw my mom and I together. He was nice at first, normal nice, and just said hi and what not, but still he was always creepy. This morning, I was at the gas station and ran into him. He gave me a big hug, and it was a very tight hug, held on for longer, but I just thought ok that's fine. Then, he asked me what I have been up to. I was sincere, and told him that i'm working a lot. He then went on to say "Thank you for what you do, it's great." I wondered then if he had mistaken me with someone else, but there is NO WAY, my mom and I don't look alike, and he knows who I am. Then when I said I had to go, he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek, and it wasn't a quick peck! I was seriously disturbed. I don't know what to do. I called my mom right away and she is going to look into his background with one of our friends that is a cop. Am I over reacting? Or is it ok to be totally to the point where I was almost in tears!! I felt slightly violated!!!
  • He's out of line, but you have no argument for prosecution. You need to confront him about it if you meet him again. Let him know that he cannot make physical contact with you as you are not comfortable with it. Say it like it is. If he continues afterward you have an argument but unless you've made it clear to him he can simply say "she never gave me any indication that it wasn't OK" and be completely off the hook. Don't allow him any more physical contact.
  • Like I stated in the comment box. I would have your Officer FRIEND run a full background check on him. Just to be on the safe side. Then if there still is nothing found. Ask your Officer to meet with you & then go & find out if this person will talk to the both of you someplace. At this point you can ask this person, what is his reason for doing what he dose. If its just his way of showing goodness/kindness, or something else. You can also tell this person, if you wish to. That you do not approve of his actions, because they seem to be going on to far. And that he is not to make anymore physical contact with you again. Just be sure to have your Officer there for your safety & to be a eyewitness. So that if it every happens again, you can have the law, on your side to take care of it................Take care & be safe...........M.C.S.

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