• Tar products, usually available without a prescription, are widely used to treat scalp psoriasis. You will be able to find over-the-counter (OTC) tar shampoos, creams, gels, oils, ointments and soaps. Ask your pharmacist. Ours was very helpful. For more information read this excellent article:
  • Psoriasis could be cured with homoeopathic treatment without any side effects but it would take considerable time depending upon the condition of the patient. Before prescribing the medicines your local physician would like to know few things from you: 1. Is there any family history of psoriasis? 2. Your likings/dislikings? 3. Your personality: physique, character, behaviour: mild/violent, nature, etc. 4. Past history of diseases especially of skin? After reading your answers in comments section, I recomend Natrum Mur 30 (homeopathic medicine), single dose.
  • I would recommend you take your son to see a professional homeopath and get a remedy that is based on his entire picture, not just his physical symptoms.
  • Psoriasis is possibly some inborn deficiency. I reccomend kefir milk yoghurt to help control bacteria nd fungus on the site. There is anecdotal evidence it may help. Evidence of improvement is within two to 15 days of regular consumption. Ive seen it control acne, eczema, heat rash even otitis media. It polices all the microbes in the body plus provides a wealth of B vitamins. Suggest it be taken with spirulina. Google three words, spirulina, kefir and psoriasis and there will be results...
  • I would go to a homeopath and get them to get a case history and most good homeopaths make their own treatments, which they can make with the correct dosage for your son. A naturopath or herbalist might also be useful to. I have 'heard' though, a product called tar soap is best to wash with for people with psoriasis and eczema. Good luck with it, and I hope you son's symptoms can be reduced.
  • you should visit I hope you get a good medicine for your son...
  • he needs to see a doctor about it

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