• Fighting your enemies and mass genocide are two very different things. However, on that note, the Bible does say that just before the Antichrist comes to power, Russia and Palestine will attack Israel. At which point, they (Russia and Palestine's armies) are wiped from the face of the Earth and [it is assumed] the Dome of the Rock destroyed. But to answer your question, I don't think it's a very wise decision in such a volatile state. As for Genocide, that's just sick. Historically, the Jews have survived many genocides against them (for example, the Nazis). I don't think Jews would want to perpetuate a genocide.
  • That would be illegal, although it would solve their problem with Arabs pushing them around. I don't think they'd be very popular after doing what was done to them, to others. Your figure of their being 4th most powerful military is incorrect. Check out Jane's Military group. it's THE source for anything military on the planet.
  • Because unlike the other side, Israel really tries not to hurt innocent civilians
  • Are you insane. We need to cut them off.
  • Eventually they may get around to doing just that....this "slow motion genocide" they are doing now is a public relations nightmare for them.
    • mushroom
      It seems it's such a slow motion "genocide" that there are 5X as many Palestinians as there were in 1948. Someone ought to tell those big bad Zionists "It ain't working, guys!"
  • Because if they did then every Muslim in the world would get their turban into a bunch. And attack Israel even more. They need the military to hold onto what is theirs.
  • Because then, even Israel, would appear more evil than the holocaust of the 1940s. AND THEY WOULD BE CONSUMMATE EVIL if they perpetrated your postulate.
  • Because they are a peace seeking nation that just wants to be left alone. If they did what you propose they would be no better than the radical islamists. The are better than those assholes.
  • Why does such a small country need such a powerful U.S. financed military arm?
    • Glenn Blaylock
      They need such a powerful military because they are surrounded by enemy nations that refuse to acknowledge their right to exist. Israel has peace treaties with two of its neighbors, but that is it. The rest of the nations in that area have dedicated themselves to the destruction of Israel. The maps used by many of these other nations don't even show Israel on them. There are some indications that the rise of Iran may be causing changes with respect to this. The threat posed by Iran may actually cause an alliance between Israel and some of its other enemies, but even is this does happen, it will be because a strong military response is needed to Iran.
  • wow. i'll try to answer in a way you'll understand: 1. because genocide is wrong 2. concern for the welfare of the Palestinians within Israels borders is all that keeps area hostile nations from wiping Israel off the map
    • Glenn Blaylock
      Sorry, but I really don't think that the other muslim nations are particularly concerned by the welfare of the Palestinians, particularly those that live within the borders of Israel. The Palestinians are just the pawns that these other nations use to justify their hatred of Israel. The other nations have done nothing to actually improve the lives of the Palestinians and I would think that they would consider those Palestinians that actually live peacefully within Israel to be traitors. Besides, the presence of Palestinians with in Israel have not stopped the other Muslim nations of that area from attacking and wiping Israel off the map. It has been the strength of the Israeli military that has stopped the attacks. These other nations have tried on a number of occasions to do just what you described and failed to do so.
  • Yes I'm sure that would play well around the world.
  • Israel doesn't commit mass genocide against the Palestinians because Israel doesn't desire to do so. Unlike the Palestinians themselves and many of their Muslim neighbors, the Israelis do not want to wipe out their enemies. All Israel wants it to live in peace with its neighbors. Note, it is not Israel that has denied the right of its neighbors to exists. That is the attitude of the Palestinians and many of the Muslim nations of the area. Israel has agreed to many different peace initiative with the Palestinians only to have the Palestinians walk away from the deals because they refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. It is the Palestinians that have vowed to commit genocide against Israel, not the other way around. So, why doesn't Israel just eradicate the Palestinians? They don't do that because Is better than most of its muslim neighbors.
  • If Israel did that (as you pointed out they are fully capable) there wouldnt be anyone to pick on or enact reasons to fight. Israel has abused palestein for generations and the fighting will only continue because it promotes propaganda and a reason to fight. war is a cash cow, Israel is a huge developer of military technologies. the so called holy state is a front for a war hungry nation.
  • When the Israelites were given the promised land they were told to destroy all the enemies within their borders entirely and if they didn't they would be a scourge unto them forever. They failed to do so, and the prophecy continues.
  • The occupying state of Israel is actually the 14th most powerful military in the world and even then most of it's hardware belongs to the US and France. As for why it cannot commit more direct mass genocide. Simply, because it cannot maintain its facade of being "a democracy" if it does.
  • If the Palestinians laid down their arms today, there'd be peace tomorrow. If the Israelies laid down their arms today, Israel would cease to exist tomorrow.

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