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  • I can always tell that they mean business by the gleam in their eyes when they are grabbing me by the knee.
  • By how they kiss. If they pay attention to you when they kiss you and get involved in just the kiss chances are high that they will be good in bed. If during the kiss, they are distracted or all about themselves well....
  • Don't compare...just enjoy.
  • If I'm making a lot of noise, that means "good". If I'm thinking about filing my taxes, that means "bad".
  • Marry them and find out yourself!
  • One indicator to me is how they move there hips and how they carry themselves. A women with confidence shows it by the way she moves, and it usually means they are good i bed.
  • Um, I find the best way to know with certainty is to get in there and give it a whirl. There are a LOT of things you'll never know unless you give it a shot. The thing is though, it DOES take two to tango, so if you just lie there and and expect it to be all about making YOUR pleasure the only thing that matters, then even the best lover can lose all inspiration.
  • If you're digging for an emery board, while having sex, it probably isn't that good! If your mind is more into what color your ceiling is painted, than your partner is doing on top of you, it probably isn't that good! If you're trying to straighten the seam of your stockings, while your man is pumping away on you, it probably isn't that good! If you need someone tell you, if your sex is good or bad, it probably isn't that good!
  • ah the answer dealing with a kiss is good. Is the person self centered in other areas of their lives, are they careing, do they care how other feel more than how they do. A good lover will pay attention to your needs while fulfilling theirs. Make sure you are the center of attention, you deserve that, everyone does.
  • If your a female you know a guy is bad in bed if you aren't wet or if you don't feel good pleasure. If your a male you know a girl is bad in bed if your not erecting well.
  • Sleep with them.
  • One rule about sex relations is you never TELL anyone how good or bad your partner is. It's bad etiquette, and you'll soon find yourself very lonely.
  • Ask someone who already hooked up with them, or try it out for yourself.

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