• It is teams, not team. They share this record. The San Francisco 49'ers have won 5, Superbowls XVI, XIX, XXIII-XXIV, XXIX The Dallas Cowboys have won 5 Superbowls, VI, XII, XXVII-XXVIII, XXX That was a good question. How soon we forget.
  • Dallas, San Francisco and Pittsburgh have each won five times
  • It is 5 for the 49'ers The Cowboys, and yes the Steelers. Now somebody better tell the NFL so that they can update their official site!! Check out their link and see what I mean..
  • The Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and San Fransisco 49rs have each won 5 Superbowls and the Green Bay Packers have won 12 football championships (including those before the invent of Superbowls)

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