• My mom used to collect cigarette coupons. We had to wait all afternoon in a small office with a lot of other people to get a toaster.
  • I remember when I was a young girl moistening and filling the Blue Chip and S&H Green stamps booklets which my mom then redeemed for stuff..I don't really remember what kind of stuff! Boy, that was such a long time ago! Are you old enough to remember that or is the information just passed down from generation to generation?
  • s & h green stamps
  • Collected & still have books of Plaid stamps from the A&P. See their history @ Have fun. Ralph A&P attributes much of its early customer recognition to its advertising and promotional activities. It launched the original customer-loyalty program in the early 1900s with premiums and savings coupons. One of the Company's most popular programs was plaid stamps. Introduced in the 1920s, and revitalized during the 1960s, the plaid stamps premium program encouraged customers to make frequent visits to the stores to purchase products and collect stamps. Many Americans may recall pasting stamps in coupon books and redeeming them for premium items such as snack trays and Lazy Susans.
  • S&H Green Stamps Plaid Stamps Blue Chip Stamps Loved setting up to work on them too - at the kitchen table - where many a great conversation took place. One empty plate with a wet sponge on it. Tearing off rows/columns of stamps from the big sheets or long strips given at a store .. based on denomination .. to match what was needed to "fill a page" in the redemption books. Later, all the STUFF we got FROM those redemption centers as we turned in our books of stamps. It worked for the stores and the consumers. Thanks for the memories. I heard that S&H Green Stamps were either "back" or "coming back". :)

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