• no but very interesting question though because i have had dreams like that.
  • I really am watching it
  • I'm always watching everybody else. I must suffer from self-neglect and self-shyness.
  • Were living right now, when we clock in tomorrow, we just start watching until we clock out, right?
  • Yes, sometimes I feel as if my life is a movie and I'm merely an actress. Then I will sometimes get that jolt of reality that brings the "Oh my goodness! This is real!" factor to life. Lately life has been very pale for me so I feel like I'm just watching it go through the typical motions.
  • Yep, constantly. But I'm never the director or anything. I have no say in it really. Im watching it and analysing the world and everything in it inclusing and especially myself. I really hate it.
  • OMG, this is exactly how i feel, could it be some sort of ADD? it's really annoying. Like when i'm by myself i can really think clearly but when i'm with friends or family it feels like its just in auto-pilot.

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