• Probably a dead astronaut.
  • There is something called "blood on the moon" and that is when there is a large red ring around the moon giving it a red appearence. The moon will pass completely into the shadow of the Earth producing a striking total lunar eclipse. The total phase throws an eerie reddish color across the face of the moon. The Earth's atmosphere acts like a prism, bending a little sunlight into the shadow and giving it a copper tint. In essence, what falls on the eclipsed moon is the light of all the sunsets and sunrises on Earth. It doesn't happen too often.
  • Blood on the moon is an expression concerning annihilation. It's used to describe assassinations, battles, and events involving serious blood letting.
  • The sun is like the father or God. The moon is like the mother or the Church. Moon with blood represents that believers have lost their blood and lives upholding the honor of their mother the Church, or that they have offered great sacrifice to uphold the Honor of the Church. (And no, great sacrifice does not mean killing people as some would have)
  • And here I just thought it meant someone had killed a little moonman.

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