• Be up front about it. (i know, the moment those words are read the flashes of the worst case senerio start to reel in peoples heads) But really. Just tell her that you like her, and even if she doesnt feel the same, youd still like to remain friends. And theres always the scenerio of she hears this, throws her food on you, tells you she thinks your repulsive, yadda yadda yadda. But if she is a girl who would do that, is that necessarily a girl you would want to be involved with in the first place?
  • There's no easy way. You just have to put your ego on the line if you think she could be worth it! Good luck!
  • If she's with you and hanging out with you on her own accord, she's obviously not repulsed by you. I'd make a small move, like go to take her hand or put her arm around her and pay close attention to how she reacts. If she seems really happy, then that's a green light..she probably does like you. If she recoils, or acts a little weird or uncomfortable, or finds an excuse to move away, then she probably doesn't like you. I think the real giveaway though is if she calls/emails you often and is really interested in spending time with you.
  • Bring up in conversation you are thinking about going somewhere or doing something interesting for an afternoon. If she indicates that she also likes doing that just say "Really, well then why don't you come with me". That will hopefully "break the ice".

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