• Actually, more and more millennials are opting to move back in with their parents after graduation. It saves them money, and allows them to find careers that fulfill them personally instead of just something to pay the bills. Many of my friends (male and female) did just that, however some are still unemployed! I on the other hand moved 1000 miles away (actually 1025, but who's counting?!) and started working my butt off at a job I love =0P
  • Yes, I know one 40-something yr old man who lives with his mother. I wish I could go back and live at home with my mother, but I can't because she died in 1999. It's easy for me to say I'd like to live with her again because I miss her terribly. In reality, I moved out of my parents' home when I was in my early 20's, after college, and never lived with them again. Everyone's situation is different. It's tempting to make a snap judgment about someone from where he lives or who he lives with, but that's short-sighted, IMO. Finances, joblessness, child care, home maintenance issues (older homes) all come into play as ell.
  • Yep, but only because he's taking care of his mother.
  • Yeah, it;s sad and slightly disgusting when that happens. I don't know who I want to kick first - the son or the parent.
  • Yeah. But only because his wife left him and he had no other place to go...that's good reason....right??? ;-)
  • Yep. Hardly seems fair to the parents does it? It shouldn't have to be a lifetime (financial) commitment. This sense of entitlement that you see more and more of nowadays is getting out of control.
  • Yes, my b.i.l. but mom is handicapped so he helps out a lot.
  • Not at the moment, but I know a few women who do. I find it pretty sad.
  • My ex-husband did for years after we divorced. Too lazy to get his own place and he enjoyed being the human equivalent of a sponge.
  • Yes I do - 9 times out of 10 it's the moaning spineless wingeing rats who enjoy sponging. I know of one particular guy who is so sad he has created a whole fantasy world on the internet about a band that doesn't really exist! They never gig, were supposed to play Japan (he's in the UK) year after year, going back about 15 years, he writes about himself like he's a god, interviews himself online and is a total time waster. Why??? What's wrong with the real world? This guy is impossible to work with, and when he's messed things up (again) he publicly blames the people who were trying to work with him and trying to help him!
  • Yes I do. One whose Mother waits on him hand and foot and another who gave up his career and life to take care of his Mother who suffered with dementia. There are many different reasons.
  • Yep. He's 36. Honestly I don't think it's odd that he lives with them but the issue is that he never grew up, in so many ways. He's like a 16 year old in a 36 year old's body.
  • Yep...he is about 4 feet away from me :( I have never met a man so pathetic in my life.
  • My only sibling.. my brother Danny.. he will be 38 next week.
  • Answer: many. Would I date any: no, and seriously advise anyone to stay away.
  • i work with a man who is 47 yrs old and still lives at home with his parents. he pays no bills, groceries, nothing.....i tell him all the time that he's wrong to still be mooching off his elderly parents like that. pitiful!!plain pitiful...
  • In Russia there are plenty of them.I live in Russia and my 20 years old son lives with me.Our children live with parents till they marry.
  • I now of several and until just 2 years ago my brother at the age of 33 still lived at home and worked in the family businesses, took care of the house when our parents were out of the country half the year. Now he is a husband and daddy in his own place. One other man I know is 45 and takes care of his ill mother.
  • I know many of them.
  • Everyone in India and China live with their parents.
  • no but sometimes people live with their parents cause theyre helping them out
  • Sometimes grown men are trying to take care of their parents and happen to live in the same house in some cultures is customary for the entire family to live together it just depends on the situation. I might know one. But I can't recall one specifically at this moment
  • Grown arse man? You mean his bottom is grown but the rest of him isn't? No, I don't.

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