• Bikinis and bathings suits are appropriate on the beach, most people are in the same attire. In a work place most people are not wearing bikinis and are not exposed, so the dress should not show more than what everyone else is wearing and showing.
  • You get uncomfortable over odd things. Or do you mean aroused? Yes, I believe you do!
  • I know the feeling, I feel reilly uncomfertable when that happens, especially when guys are around and the look at you, It is sick!!!
  • You can take it even further - in a work environment if there are two ladies there and one is wearing a shortish skirt, the other wearing a long dress. Nobody will really thing anything about the skirt, but if that other lady hikes up the dress - watch out for red faces! I think it's the act of lifting the dress that does it, because they're not supposed to be lifted (as crazy as it sounds)
  • I react with pleasure in either case but i'm a guy :)
  • Because society has issues about place and time.
  • Here's one: At a departmental party, a woman in her 20's was wearing her bra and white panites (definitely not see through) in teh pool. She was just kind of like that. People later commented "oh my, did you see Rachel wearing her bra and panties! Blah blah...". So how is this different if she wore a "swim suit bikini" made out of essentially the same material but it doesn't look like underwear? Probably because it really was her underwear? It's all perception.
  • I think it is a matter of where it happens and how it happens the concept of proper and improper. If said girl was in a beach and pulled her skirt up to her upper thighs no one would bother even if her panties show. But if she is in a party and does that but only to her middle thighs it will certainly look quite rude and improper. The same goes with a bikini in a beach, it would look great if she has the body for a bikini, but if she was naked in that same beach she most certainly will be looked at as crazy. That is why there are nudist beaches.
  • hi sara, babieeeee, doesn't make me uncomfortable at all.....i'm ok with a girl showing thigh ^_^ because it's eye's usually prudes or ultra conservatives that'll get's a sure way for a girl to get a fast date ;-)
  • because that is wat the bathing suit is made to do. the skirt isnt necessarily made to be lifted up wenever. y would she be lifting her skirt anyhow?
  • Wouldn't offend me. I'm all for exhibitionism. (go figure)
  • Lifting the dress up to show the thighs has sexual connotations. Wearing a bikini does not have that. It is the mind of the person doing that which makes us feel one way or the other.
  • It is all about context and setting. If the setting is not right and the context is out of whack, it is titillating.
  • Frankie Manning, one of the original swing dancers in the 1930's who is still teaching workshops, said that back then, after you danced with somebody of the other race, it was "Oh, I just danced with you, but I can't sit down with you." Time and place.
  • If a girl has to take the action of lifting her dress to show you thigh, then it is a form of invitation to look at her. If you were to look at a womans thighs because she was wearing a short skirt she may become offended that your attention was not elsewhere. It is an obvious draw to male desires, intentional on the part of the woman lifting her dress or skirt, even if nothing is really seen.
  • the scenario i expect to see half naked people on the beach, but you dont expect people to show you their underwear lol

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