• The U.S. Currency is no longer backed by gold.
  • The Bank of China owns the US, so China might well be the answer. Over half of all U.S. Treasury debt is now held by overseas owners. "For most of recent history, foreigners holding US debt has been 20% or less. The shift began under Bill Clinton, starting around 1993, and accelerated into '94-95. When Clinton finished his 2nd term, foreign ownership of US Treasuries was about 35%. That ownership has continued to rise under President Bush, and now stands at 52%." (From "The Big Pictue")
  • Gold at Fort Knox, Ky. and other gold depositories throughout the united states.
  • The belief that it is valuable.
  • It is backed by intrinsic value, which is basically what people think its worth to them.
  • U.S. currency is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. This is an interesting way of saying that the money is backed by the government's ability to levy taxes.
  • Overseas debt.
  • well it says by God, right on it-In God We Trust!
    • Thinker
      In this case The Rothschild family is god. In god Rothschild do the USA trust.
  • Disbelief?
  • We are no longer on the gold standard. U.S. currency is backed by nothing. It is basically a promise stating that whatever denomination you holdisworth that much. In reality, most of the powerful countries no longer back their money by anything.
    • Jewels Vern
      Gold standard? We are talking about a country that can't even maintain a zinc standard!
  • Your (and everybody else's) belief.
  • another thing that gives U.S. currency its value is the amount of currency in circulation the more money people have the more money people will spend the federal reserve control this they can ethier increase are decrease the money supply
  • The fact that you need US dollars to (a) pay your US taxes, (b) buy crude oil on the global market, and (c) participate in the world's largest economy (America's -- it's larger than the rest of the G8 and China combined). B and C together have made the US Dollar the world's reserve currency. All 3 give the US dollar effective value. The US dollar is essentially a bond issued against the US tax base. The problem with it is that it is infinitely dilutable by the bond issuer - the Federal Reserve.
  • Debt, lies, and deceit.
  • smoke and mirrors
  • 4-10-2017 US currency is backed by full faith and credit. "Faith" means it's good as long as you believe it's good, and "credit" means ability to collect taxes. IOW you are paid with a coupon for a claim on your own labor.
  • A weak promise from the "Federal Reserve" empowered by the US Treasury. We the People Need to change this.
    • Thinker
      As good as this sounds and I would like to see this happen but it will never happen at least not as long as the Rothschild's own the Federal Reserve Corporation.
  • It is backed by all of us going to work every morning to make the "gross national product" but when the jobs go to other countries how does that make it our GNP.
  • Faith.
  • The USA has no currency of its own. The Federal Reserve Corporation is owned by the Rothschild family of England. There is nothing backing the "U.S. Currency" not even "faith". The Rothschild's dictate what almost all currency is worth as they own over 95% of all countries currency in the entire world. So knowing that the U.S. currency has no backing at all. An additional bit of information. EVERY dollar you have in your pocket as well as every dollar in my pocket and the rest of whomever has Federal Reserve Notes in their possession is borrowed from the Federal Reserve Corporation and we are ALL paying interest on everyone of those dollars!
  • 6-1-2017 No country has honest money now. There is no backing at all. The only reason the money has any value at all is that the government that issued it will accept it in payment of taxes. The worth of one currency relative to another depends only on how many are in circulation and whether this or that government seems near collapse.

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