• It isn't that you will be damned if you don't believe in Jesus, Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation and all those who do not follow him are counted as followers of the devil and will be treated as such. It is also believed that before the second coming of Jesus there will be an accounting, when all the pure people will be taken and after this time there will be a period for any person to believe before the final judgement, all that is necessary for entry to heaven is belief in Jesus and to be truthfully repentant of any sins. This almost garantees entry to heaven in my belief.
  • Your damned if you do...and damned if you don't. Your looking for an excuse to make you feel special that you got a guaranteed seat in heaven. Well you don't. Religion is so technicle and at times very extremely outdated to be apply'd to our times. Though they are the foundations of our society and they teach of good morals. Everyone has the potential of being a sinner, even you.

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