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  • What sort of abdominal surgery did you have? Do you still have a prostate? Most of the ejaculate is produced by the prostate. If you don't have one, there's really nothing to ejaculate. Sperm makes up only a tiny bit of the total ejaculate, and you would likely not notice it. You may be having retrograde ejaculations. That is, instead of coming out the end of your penis, the semen may be going into your bladder. The first time you urinate after having an orgasm, does your urine seem at all unusual?
  • I think I love you! Are you bothered by not ejaculating? Do you miss the feeling of the actual semen coming out? I love sex, and cumming, but I hate the dripping out of me that goes on for HOURS the next day or after I get up after he has ejaculated inside of me. I'm wondering if it would be less enjoyable for him, even though it would be more enjoyable for me. Orgasm without ejaculate would be heaven for me

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