• Masking tape and a girdle. It took a long time to develope that waist and it will take more than ten days to wave it goodbye. Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners?
  • Hate to break it to you, but there has never been and probably never will be an easy or fast way to lose weight. Eating "clean" and exercise is the only way.
  • Work out like a maniac! Do NOT go on some crazy diet where you dont eat because you will end up in the hospital! Dont even think about it! lol Watch wat you eat these next few days and work out like its nobody's business!! hehe
  • Whether you can do it or not depends on how big your stomach is. John is right, harsh but right. You didn't develop that stomach over night and it will take twice as long to properly lose the weight then it did to gain it. How much are you looking to lose?
  • The best way to burn fat is aerobic exercise.... for an extended period of time. you don't have to run full-tilt, just keep a pace that makes breathing a bit of work, but not awful. Eat lots of healthy foods, and protein so your body can replace what it needs while ditching the fat. You also need to drink lots of water so the fat compounds can be flushed out of your system. The most important thing you can do is to pick activities and diet changes that you KNOW you can stick with for a long time, perhaps for life. You are far, far better off constantly being careful than you would be to roller-coaster your eating and exercise habits. Good luck
  • the only answer is to not eat, which is NOT the RIGHT answer. You should never do that. The RIGHT answer is to eat healthy and exercise like mad.
  • Duck tape. Put on large shoulder, butt pads. Stand in front of odd shaped mirror. Be around people that weight 200pds more then you. Duh
  • last year when i was only ==14 i just came back from france 29th augest and i had an eating dissorder and i got really skinny and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks i was close to being anorexic my whole family was worried i was a horrible moment for me i hated it i looked not nice... now im fifteen 21st september and i wnna be anorexic but the people i love around me wont think its nice, the way you wnna get aa flat stomach is eat your five a day and stay healthy it makes you feel so mnuch better in side but u mont get a skinny stomach in 10 days sorry but thats just the way it is...
  • See what i did was No salt intake after 6 pm Have carbs only in breakfast Lunch and dinner light more of salads and soups, juices Exercise daily with more of crunches
  • a scoop of low fat cottage cheese with a slice of dry wheat toast 6 times a day as many veggies you want preferable soy beans, no Trans fat (Butter, Cheese,), and water only. *Low sodium V8 can be substituted for veggies*
  • Smoke and mirrors. Ta-da!
  • Can you use waist cincher for solve your waistline or stomach problem.
  • it will take you more than 10 days to do that

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