• My cousin received a letter in the mail from a place called N.M.E. They gave a 800 number that she called and viola her account had been withdrawn $68.02 today (two weeks after the initial phone call) They stated they wouldn't touch a dime and tried to talk her into buying some magazines. I have reminded her that scams are at every angle of the world - Email, mail and people - I don't wanna tell her I told her so but I did - now she's in tears trying to get her money back. My word of advice - DO NOT CALL phone numbers you get from junk mail - If it seems to good to be true IT IS! The mail letter looked like this one below:
  • I called them once, and the conversation set off all my alarms. I guess I should have known better than to call an organization whose initialism is "Enemy." I didn't get sucked into the scam, fortunately, but I do feel very bad for all the people who have over the years. It amazes me that they're still operating.

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