• I have heard wrapping in a cpl towels tightly and turning it on and over heating it for about 20 mins works but it didnt for me and this is only a temp fix if it does... call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and have them send you a coffin and get it repaired. free shipping all directions and repair
  • It's called the red ring of death for a reason, send it back for repair. bummer.
  • Just keep sending it back. They've repaired some of them 3 or 4 times, (that I know of personally). While it may be an inconvenience, at least they are standing behind their product, (so far).
  • Well i know the towel trick would work but its only temporary and it can harm your xbox but you just wrap your xbox in tons of towels and leave your xbox turned on for 20 minutes only power cord in then unwrap turn off replug everything back in.... another thing is i just got the two red rings on the left side i also noticed an increase of fan speed and it was 10 times louder than normal and eventually i had the red ring of death so what most people dont know is that the red ring of death is also due to lack of power.Just unplug your cords and replug them back in. I tested this because i just made the cord that plugs into the xbox click half way and i caused the red ring of death to appear.
  • I would just send it to Microsoft to get it fixed.
  • Because my xbox 360 was one of the first, Microsoft gave an extended 3 year warranty (I think) for it. I sent it in, and not only did they fix it for free, but they gave me a free controller and a free xbox live gold membership. Just call xbox 360 support, and ask them about it, and see if they can help you too. The number is 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)
  • I've had mine die 4 times now, ha. But I heard that once your xbox 360 elite dies 5 times you get a xbox 360 elite for free. ANYWAY, it is very possible to fix your xbox without sending it in BUT it is cheaper to just send it in. If for some odd reason you cannot send it in look up how to fix it on youtube by taking it apart- this will ruin your warranty though...
  • the easiest way is to send it back to microsoft.JUST DO IT
  • like everyone else. if your sticker is still intact send it in...if your console is out of warranty because of modding or other reasons, there are fixes...i have fixed about 30-40 now but i have yet to find a truly perm fix for either E74 or the RRoD has a lot of information and good ideas on what you can do as well
  • i have the solution. first u need to go to radioshack and purchase Arctic Silver 5. It should cost $9.49. For the rest of what u need to do watch this video. it explain everything. this really works and is not fake. I did it to my own 360 and it doesn't over heat any more. what ever u do never use the towel trick.

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