• you can't neccessarily run away from your problems.. i used to try and do that, and it just didnt work. but thats because alot of the problems were there because I wasnt dealing with them in the best way. so you've run away from one set, and fine, they're gone, but they'll just come back in the new place if you haven't learned the best way to deal with things. unless of course, you're "running" from abuse, or a bad situation like that - but I dont think you were referring to that type of thing.
  • Depends on the problem- if the problem is an apartment that should be condemned, moving should solve the problem for you! If the problems are focused on relationships, though, they will likely follow in one way or another- if nothing else, than in your own heart. If the problem is a supervillain trying to get revenge on you for thwarting his scheme, he will most certainly try to follow.
  • You can try to run away from your problems, but they will only stay with you wherever you go. You must deal with them.
  • If the problem is your boss you can run away from it by getting another job, if the problem is you, changing jobs will serve no purpose.
  • Depends on the problem: Bad and/or abusive situation? Yes, run fast (SOME abusers are extremely persistent and will follow, but with help, you CAN get away from it.) Bad job? Yes... You can get another one (or two, if necessary) Bad kids? Not really. Running away won't make them any better. You have to TEACH them how they should be, and hope they learn. Many other problems are self-made, and they will follow you wherever you go, until you correct them within yourself.
  • Some problems will always follow you. Many will not. I moved to S. America for a month last year and worked with orphans. The only problem that followed me was my ex-fiance Karine Braden. She emailed me like crazy and begged me to call her. So I did. Unfortunately, she convinced me to come back and have a hellacious year with her. So, yeah... she was the problem that followed me. Good luck bro!! :)
  • Your problems don't go away just because you try to run from them. They remain and may even get worse if you don't deal with them.

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